Newport Bermuda Plaques


Bob Darbee, long-time Newport Bermuda Awards Chair, has accumulated a miscellaneous stock of the (standard-sized) 3 1/4"x 4 1/2" brass Participant Plaques traditionally given to each finishing vessel which reads: "For Successfully Completing . . . the Newport Bermuda Race" with the specific year.

Over the years many skippers have inquired about additional Plaques for their trophy room, to replace a damaged one aboard, or to give to a shipmate who did the Race with them.

Bob is running a "garage sale" on this surplus stock.  They can be had for $60 each, domestic US shipping included.  There is a random and limited number available going back to and including 1998.  Interested skippers may purchase by sending an e-mail to Bob:, putting "Participant Plaque" in the subject.  Because of the limited supply list Plaques you order in sequence of your most desired choice by year and number.  Orders will be filled on a "round-robin" allocation basis.  Thus, there may or may not be sufficient available to fill your entire "wish list."  Therefore it is important to list those you desire in order of your priority.

Plaques are available only to those who have indeed "successfully completed" the respective Race.  Consequently orders can only be placed by those skippers.  If you did the Race as crew, make arrangements with your skipper to have him place your order.