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by Charles L Starke MD , |
Subject: Emergency Signalling
Emergency services have not always responded to an EPIRB alert When voyagers purchase and register an EPIRB, the first step is to register the EPIRB with the beacon authority. In the US, go to
Subject: Damage and Repair
Things happen on boats. Many times, repairs underway are necessary if you want to complete your voyage safely and swiftly. This video presentation addresses many related issues.
by Zdenka Griswold, & by Jack Griswold, |
Subject: Narratives
The 2021 Issue of our popular Voyages magazine is available for your reading pleasure.  Find it here.  
by Steve Brown, |
Subject: Heavy Weather
The Jordan Series Drogue, a string of relatively small fabric cones (100 or so), provides an adjustable tool to slow a boat. It's an invaluable tool for managing heavy weather on a sailboat. Steve Brown conducted a survey of highly acclaimed…
by William Strassberg, MD, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Seamanship and Awareness
Advocates of the phrase, “leaders are born not made,” discount expertise and dwell on behavioral traits such as charisma, compassion, extroversion, boldness, etc. These personality attributes certainly play an important role in acquiring…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Rendering Assistance
CCA Safety Moment for March 2021
by John Robinson, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Overboard
The CCA Safety & Seamanship Committee says the time for lifejackets is now and makes the case for their use as a key element of its Culture of Safety Recommendations.
by William Strassberg, MD, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Seamanship and Awareness
Executive Summary William Strassberg, MD January, 2021
by Zdenka Griswold, & by Christian Charalambous, |
Subject: Narratives, Emergencies
A rescue amid a terrifying capsize is brought to life in this firsthand retelling.
by David Tunick, |
Subject: Narratives
Summer 2019—Night Watch in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands by David Tunick, New York Station
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Anchoring
Perhaps a meta-analysis of anchoring tests is the only way to get a sufficiently broad idea of what will work best for an individual. No single test proves very much, and all are compromised by the simplifying assumptions in the test protocol.
Subject: Environment
The movie “Albatross” shows the impact of plastics on the albatrosses of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. The movie was made between 2009 and 2012. Midway Atoll NWR is located more than a thousand miles northwest of Honolulu and shelters the…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal
After an initial stage of having existing life jacket designs updated with modern labels, new life jacket designs created under a new UL standard (UL 12402) will begin to enter the market, and these life jackets may have features and innovations…
by Brian Guck, |
Subject: Safety Gear, Boat, Safety Gear, Personal
Sea and be Seen
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
Sailors can learn from the crash of flight 8303. We can, on occasion, get into a situation that gets more and more difficult from which to recover. This can be caused by ego, or by a sudden change in the expected circumstances, or a lack of “…
by Charles L Starke MD , |
Subject: Electronics, Communications
Not just for safety anymore, DSC can be used to contact another boat for purely non-emergency reasons, such as find other boats positions and automatically plot them on your chart-plotter Not only that, you can set your radio to be part of a “group…
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal, Overboard
The CCA recommends that, at the skipper’s discretion, all crew should WEAR A LIFE JACKET when on deck of a recreational boat. There are various types of life jackets with advantages and disadvantages, and that are appropriate for different…
by Paul Bushueff, |
Subject: Sails and Rigging
Preventers for off wind sailing has always been a popular discussion topic.