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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Marion-Bermuda Race, Newport-Bermuda Race Organizing Committee, and their affiliated clubs cordially invite you to a virtual conversation with Dr. Frank Bohlen of the University of Connecticut, and Dr. Magdalena Andres and Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz, two WHOI scientists whose research focuses on the dynamics of the Gulf Stream and its effects on our ocean and our lives.

Ben Franklin famously depicted the Gulf Stream as a constant “river of water” flowing steadily across the western North Atlantic, but this vibrant boundary current is ever changing. Today’s mariners—with their sophisticated navigational instruments and computer models—may think they know the Gulf Stream’s twists and turns, but research shows that surface patterns can be deceiving—and conceal more complex dynamics even just a few feet below.

Frank, Magdalena, and Glen will share their insights and perspective on this most interesting, complex, and important feature of the Atlantic Ocean and the “global ocean conveyor belt.”


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