Beau Vrolyk

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Sailed out of LAYC in S. California in my childhood aboard all manner of sailboats, including my father's small gaff cutter, and became addicted to old Alden schooners aboard while sailing 1925 80' two masted gaffer Salee. Cruised to Panama from LA with fellow member Stan Honey when we were rather young. Moved to N. California and got hooked on Santa Cruz style ULDB race boats, and still own the Moore24 we bought in 1981, Scarlett. Went cruising to the S. Pacific and New Zealand from '91 to '95 aboard our Wylie-65, Saga. Stopped cruising for a while to work on my career, returning to cruising in 2008 aboard our Spirit-46, S'agapo. Then decided to trade up to my life long dream of owning an Alden schooner in 2014 when we bought design number 356-B, Mayan.  See our blog, for more information on Mayan.

Father of two wonderful girls, two great guys and a pair of granddaughters. Building a crew the slow way.