Lawerence F. Pardey

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Larry Pardey


I began racing sailboats at age 17 at West Vancouver Yacht Club. Found a distressed all varnished Tumlaren Sloop, restored her, raced her successfully, but always wanted to go cruising. Sold the Tumlaren and with the money headed to California looking for a cruising boat. Ended up as first mate on a large schooner and later captain on a charter ketch out of Newport Beach. There I spotted a 24 foot cutter I thought would be perfect for me. Couldn't buy it so decided to build one. Met Lin, my eventual wife when I had finished the keel timber. Together we finished the boat and set off for a three or four month cruise that eventually lasted 11 years. During that time we earned our way by delivering boats, doing rigging and woodwork repairs and eventually writing for magazines. We returned after circumnavigating and built a second, larger cutter - 29'9" of timber. This vessel took us another 85,000 miles including a circumnavigation west about south of the great southern capes.