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2020 Annual Meeting Notice

 Notice of 2020 Annual Meeting

    Pursuant to Article XXII of the CCA Constitution, notice is hereby given of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Membership to take place at the New York Yacht Club, 37 W. 44th St., New York City on Friday, March 6, 2020 at the hour of 1500.  Various committees will be meeting on Thursday and Friday with the meeting of the Board to take place on Friday.  The Awards Dinner will follow the Annual Meeting.  Dinner seating is limited, but if you act early, this is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with members from across the continent and beyond and to see the traditional Awards program.  A copy of the Nominating Committee’s report is attached.

    Hope to see you there!

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Christopher L. Otorowski




The Cruising Club of America

  Nominating Committee Report December 01, 2019

The Nominating Committee submits the following nominations to be acted upon at the Annual Meeting to be held March 6, 2020


          Commodore                               J.W.  Robert Medland

          Vice Commodore                      Christopher L. Otorowski

          Secretary                                    John R. Gowell

          Treasurer                                   Peter L. Chandler

          Historian                                    John P. Rousmaniere


GOVERNORS (Terms expiring 2023)

                                        Brian W. Billings (BDA)

                                        Amelia L. Green (ESS)

                                        Ian N. H. Gumprecht (NYS)

                                        Rodney T. Hearne (PNW)



                                        James G. Binch, Chairman

                                        Douglas A. Bruce

                                        Ernest L. Godshalk

                                        Frederic T. Lhamon

                                        W. Bradford Willauer


Respectfully Submitted by the 2019  Nominating Committee

                                        James G.  Binch

                                        Douglas A. Bruce

                                        Ernest L. Godshalk

                                        Frederic T. Lhamon, Chairman

                                        Lawrence Somers