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Hello and Happy Holidays to all the Cruising Club of America Florida Station Members.

For those of you who have ever cruised in the Abacos of the Bahamas, you will know how beautiful, friendly, and generous the people of Hopetown and Man-O-War have been for so many years and to so many CCA members.

Especially at this time of the year, it is something very important to me to think of the people of the Abacos who have given so much to our cruising community. 

We can help these island recover, and we shall.  I, for one, cannot wait to sail back there, but before I can, I have to help the people rebuild their lovely communities and way of life. 

May I ask you all to help me gather what they need most to repair and replace so much that has been lost due to Hurricane Dorian?

If you would like to help, as so many others are doing as well, the specific islands of Hopetown on Elbow Cay and Man-O-War Cay, the best way is to send them the money they desperately need for equipment, food, water makers, electricity, and the entire infrastructure to be rebuilt. 

The most direct way for us to send them the real help they need is to send your donations for Man-O-War by looking up this website and following the DONATE instructions: 

It would also help to write CCA member contribution if you would like them to know where the donation is from.

For Hopetown here is he best way to mail a check for Hopetown and Elbow Cay recovery:  send checks to  Doug Hyde   PERC,  PO BOX 232   GRAND   ISLE,  VERMONT  05458   USA  who is the organizer for
Hopetown Sailing  Club to PERC(Preservation,Environment,Recreation  Community) Please note this on the contribution check!

This information is one of the best ways to get contributions DIRECTLY to those in need instead of through charity organizations.  The people of Man-O-War and Elbow Cay know exactly what they need and with helpful funds in donations from CCA members they are much more able to purchase what is necessary quickly.

Thank you all so very much. 

And I wish you the most wonderful and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pam Wall

CCA Florida Station Secretary