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Leap into greater understanding of the weather!

Marine Weather and Sea State II: Analysis and Forecasting
A Symposium - February 29, 2020

Weather affects all aspects of our sport, both racing and cruising as well as all commercial maritime activities. In 2018, CCA sponsored a Marine Weather and Sea State Symposium in Maryland. We placed particular emphasis on weather fundamentals, factors affecting sea state and and the complexity of the forecasting process.


Video of the presentations can be found here on our site as well as on YouTube. We're holding another symposium on February 29, 2020 at the Seattle Yacht Club. The program will begin at 0830 pst and end around 1730.

This session will not be a simple repeat of the 2018 Symposium though there will be some amount of review.
Coming to the West Coast provides an opportunity to compare Atlantic and Pacific Ocean weather, extend our
discussion of tides and tidal currents and the probability of "rogue" waves, and take advantage of the unique
topography of the northwest coast to detail the factors governing coastal weather.


How these features and factors affect the forecast accuracy and utility as well as the optimum means of reception and the analytical challenges remains the central theme of the Symposium. In recognition of these differences all attendees should prepare by viewing the first Symposium videos particularly the Marine Weather Fundamentals.
Subjects to be covered and presenters include:

  • · A review of weather fundamentals – Ken McKinley, Locus Weather
  • · Ocean and nearshore waves and currents – Frank Bohlen, UCONN Marine Sciences
  • · Coastal Weather characteristics - The TEAM
  • · The Marine Forecast – Joe Sienkiewicz, NWS Ocean Prediction Center
  • · Evaluating a Marine Weather Forecast - David Burch, Starpath School
  • · Atlantic vs Pacific Systems: A navigator’s perspective- Stan Honey, Honey Navigation
  • · Modern Satellite Communications- Jeff Thomassen, OCENS

Cost $175/pp Space is limited so sign up early. Link here.