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2023 Mallorca Cruise Home

Event Plan as of July 2022

Mallorca Sept 9 – 23 2023

We have 21 groups who have indicated an interest in joining the cruise next September. If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the survey so we can keep you up to date. Helen and Dawn at Sublime Charters are putting together some Charter opportunities which we will post shortly. Come fall, they will look into group mother ship opportunities. Howie and Wendy Hodgson plan to do a reconnoiter in the fall to check out the party venues post Covid.  

Jock & Val Macrae, Mags and I spent a great two weeks in September 2019 shadowing our plans for the (2020) cruise. We had good weather, lovely swimming, fabulous food and we explored some interesting calas (bays). We know we will have a great event next year.

"The weather is generally pleasant and the water warm (77 degrees) in September. Daily temperatures are in the high 70’s to low 80’s. Rainfall in our 2-week period over the 2017-2018 period averaged 0.6in. In 2019, there was a thundershower the day we arrived and two brief showers through the week. There were only a couple of unusually cloudy mornings, but there were many great days with pleasant temperatures throughout.

We plan to sail 185 miles around the island counterclockwise. While winds are quite light in September, if anything comes up it will generally be out of the NE. In 2019, we had one day of 20-knot winds from that direction. Otherwise, winds were generally modest (<12kts) from the northeast. Going C-C should have the wind and sea behind us as we go along the North Coast. We've identified the harbours to head to if there is strong wind, and all should work out well.

The anticipated Itinerary is:

Saturday 9th - Palma - Board Charter boats in the late afternoon.

Sunday 10th – Palma – Provision boats and enjoy Palma

  • Opening cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres near the marina where most charter boats will be berthed.

47 miles Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

  • Explore the south coast and perhaps anchor off the long beach Playa del Trench (21mi) or off Colonia de St Jordi
  • Illa de Cabrera (27 mi from Palma) is a nature reserve on the southeast tip of Mallorca. There is a very protected all weather harbour. We plan to make bookings (necessary) here on Monday and Tuesday night. Plan on staying one night.
  • The calas along the east coast south of Porto Colomb are not to be missed.

Wednesday 13th – Porto Colom – Dock Party – We have been assured there should be enough room for 50 boats in the marina and on moorings in this protected harbour. We are working out arrangements for a dock party ashore.

50 miles Thursday/Friday/Saturday

  • Explore the calas between Porto Colomb and Porto Cristo.
  • Possibly head into the protected Puerto de Cala Ratjada before going around the Cabo de Pera.

Saturday 16th – Alcanada – Casual dinner ashore. Fleet anchored offshore in the lee of Isla de Aucanada or in Alcudia harbour about 4 miles west depending on weather and personal preference.

35 miles Sunday/Monday/Tuesday – possible stops

  • Polencia
  • Cala Formentor

Then head around Cabo Formentor, from which point the coast is quite open but you can probably pull in for a swim at

  • Cala de San Vincente
  • or the incredible Cala de la Colobra before heading for shelter in Soller.

Tuesday 19th – Soller - Cocktail party ashore (locale to be finalized). We have been assured there will be room for us either in the marinas or anchored in the harbour. Plan to spend more than one night in Soller to give yourself a chance to take the tram from the port up to the town of Soller or hire a car and test the mountain roads.

47 miles Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – possible stops

  • Calla de Deya if a west wind
  •       Foradada if an east wind. Plan on heading there (4 miles west of Soller) for a breakfast swim. The paella ashore is recommended.
  • Andraitx - a beautiful, protected port on the west coast
  • Stop for a swim in the calas between Pta de Cala Figuera and Puerto Portals.
  • Charter Boats will generally be due back by the end of the afternoon Friday.

Friday 22nd Palma – Closing Dinner – Venue to be determined.

Participants are encouraged to allow extra time while in Mallorca for some land travel to enjoy the stunning mountain vistas and lovely towns and villages. The island is a flat plateau with cliffs and caves on the south and east sides and mountains and beautiful rock formations on the northwest side. Some suggested hotels in Palma will be listed after Howie’s trip. Palma can be quite busy in September, so you are advised to book well in advance.

We have been working closely with Helen and Dawn of Sublime Yacht Charters who come well recommended by friends in Palma. They are working on a list of charter opportunities which we hope to post shortly. The standard charter would have you going aboard 5:00 pm Saturday 9th and have the boat back in Palma for the party Friday with departure from the boat Saturday morning 23rd.

A recent update of the RCC Balearics Pilot has been created by David and Susie Baggaley, friends of Charles-Henri Mangin (ESS), and a pdf version can be ordered through this link to the RCC Pilot Guides.

Les Crane & Howie Hodgson – Co-chairs