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The Bermuda Race

CCA and the Race

CCA Members are proud to volunteer alongside Royal Bermuda Yacht Club members on the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee to run the biennial Newport Bermuda Race. This race is one of the most prestigious offshore races in the world due to its challenging passage through the Gulf Stream with complicated weather and currents. Established in 1906, this 636-mile journey is seen as a rite of passage for generations of sailors on the East Coast and attracts sailors from around the world. With a long and proud history, the race boasts an enthusiastic following and large roster of volunteer supporters

Starts in June of Even Years. Visit the race website for more information.

Essential Reading


A Berth To Bermuda by John Rousmaniere

"A Berth to Bermuda" is published by the Cruising Club of America and Mystic Seaport. For more information, visit the Mystic Seaport Shop.

Race Co-Sponsors

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Visit the website of the CCA's co-sponsor of the Bermuda Race.

Race Rules etc.

Offshore Racing Rule

For information on the ORR, visit this link.

ORR Rating applications are at US Sailing.