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by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Culture of Safety
Frequent travelers, or those listening to a particularly good podcast, frequently skip the safety briefing because “they’ve heard it all before 1,000 times” and find no value in it. Similarly, when sailing, we become immune to repetitive messages…
by Dave Dickerson, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew
If your boat is equipped with a Jefa rudder system, the design may be the type with a locking ring located above the top bearing to prevent the rudder from sliding out of the vessel. During 2022 and 2023, we discovered four boats equipped with a…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Emergencies
“Safety Moments, presented at CCA Stations and Posts”By Chuck Hawley, San Francisco Station, November 2023
by Dick York, |
Subject: Fire/Flooding
The biggest issue with mid-sized batteries is charging. Think the battery on an E-bike, or even an electric outboard. These batteries are known sinners. The New York City Fire Department counts over 200 E-bike lithium fires per year, primarily when…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Fire/Flooding
Each group was also shown the effectiveness of the inexpensive ABC or BC dry chemical extinguishers, again using a short well-aimed blast at the fire. However, during one of my demonstrations, I accidentally grabbed the halon extinguisher that I had…
by Chuck Hawley (39, |
Subject: Fire/Flooding
The story in MarineLog on this year’s Summer Solstice seemed both familiar and odd at the same time. A yacht valued at $1,500,000 burned to the waterline, and later sank, while undergoing some routine maintenance at a marina in Washington state.…