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Articles, White Papers, and Safety Moments (shorter items for presentation to groups) are available for your personal use. We hope these will enhance your time on the water and preparing for it.

by Brian Guck, |
Subject: Safety Gear, Boat, Safety Gear, Personal
Sea and be Seen
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
Sailors can learn from the crash of flight 8303. We can, on occasion, get into a situation that gets more and more difficult from which to recover. This can be caused by ego, or by a sudden change in the expected circumstances, or a lack of “…
by Charles L Starke MD , |
Subject: Electronics, Communications
Not just for safety anymore, DSC can be used to contact another boat for purely non-emergency reasons, such as find other boats positions and automatically plot them on your chart-plotter Not only that, you can set your radio to be part of a “group…
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal, Overboard
The CCA recommends that, at the skipper’s discretion, all crew should WEAR A LIFE JACKET when on deck of a recreational boat. There are various types of life jackets with advantages and disadvantages, and that are appropriate for different…
by Paul Bushueff, |
Subject: Sails and Rigging
Preventers for off wind sailing has always been a popular discussion topic.
by Jeffrey Wisch, MD, |
Subject: Medical, Crew Health
Boating, safety, and the pandemic are not mutually exclusive. Our fleet surgeon offers some advice for maintaining a safety ethos aboard.
by Rich du Moulin, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
CCA member Richard du Moulin contributes to our “Creating a Culture of Safety” series, reflecting on the essence of great leadership at sea in this article adapted from his work as a long-time leader of safety-at-sea seminars for the Storm…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal, Overboard
I like to think that the courses and articles and online tutorials are complete and easy to understand, but anyone who teaches knows that the best way to check comprehension is to listen to the questions that are asked. After my “story” in Lectronic…
by Gus Stringos, |
Subject: Narratives
by Gust Stringos, Boston Station, Gulf of Maine Post
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Dinghy Management
Several years ago, I was asked to serve on the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, which is a group that (as the name suggests) advises and coordinates with the Coast Guard on issues related to recreational boating safety.
by Multiple CCA members, |
Subject: Narratives
Voyages 2020 is available for your reading pleasure
by Multiple CCA members, |
Subject: Weather
Weather is a chaotic, turbulent, system. It's of critical interest to ocean voyagers, of course, and our understanding of it has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks, in part, to dramatic advances in measurement, analysis, and communications…
by Chuck Hawley, |
Subject: Good Practices Underway
Six key points to keep in mind when docking the boat. Chuck explains it all.
by CCA S&S Committee, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal, Overboard
Coast Guard Safety Alert: This safety alert reminds all inflatable life jacket users of the importance of performing periodic maintenance on their equipment. Instances of fatal accidents where inflatable life jackets failed to properly inflate have…
by US Sailing, |
Subject: Preparation of Boat and Crew, Safety Gear, Boat, Safety Gear, Personal
Following the Low Speed Chase disaster, a general overhaul of local, and ultimately national offshore equipment requirements took place.  The result is a comparatively compact document that covers a wide range of safety gear.
by Brad Willauer, |
Subject: Onboard Routines
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by Drew Plominski, |
Subject: Heavy Weather, Emergencies
Last summer, at a dock in Boston, a 30-foot cruiser-racer sailboat was struck by lightning. Owner, Drew Plominski a member of the Cruising Club of America, describes the incident and the damage sustained.