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The Cruising Club of America

The CCA has long been considered a reliable authority on ocean sailing, and its members are considered leaders in developing and codifying best practices of the sport. Their passion for ocean voyaging has led to a body of collective knowledge that the membership freely shares in seminars, local discussion groups and has documented in books, magazine articles and digital presentations on a variety of topics. Among the Club’s activities are:

  • Leadership in guiding serious skippers and crews as they prepare their boats for offshore adventures. Ocean safety, seamanship and weather training are essential components of the club’s commitment to safe passage-making.
  • The CCA organizes the Newport Bermuda Race, the premier East Coast ocean race, in collaboration with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. The race offers a competitive proving ground for up-to-date safety practices, new equipment and ocean sailors looking to enhance their offshore skills.
  • Club members collaborate to create the annual magazine known as Voyages, covering a broad range of topics from safety (e.g., crew overboard recovery) to cruising in exotic locations (e.g., Greenland or the South Pacific), to book reviews on relevant subjects.
  • The CCA’s Environment of the Sea Committee actively contributes to the dynamic worldwide dialogue on the deteriorating condition of our oceans.
  • The CCA Technical Committee includes a variety of professional backgrounds, including designers of sailboats and powerboats, engineers, marine surveyors, rule-makers, performance analysts, and specialist marine consultants. Members of the CCA Technical Committee are committed racers and cruisers, combining thousands of miles of offshore experience with the professional tools and practical background to help determine what makes for a well-designed, well-built, seaworthy boat, whether used for racing or cruising.
  • The CCA Charts and Guides Committee produces high-quality, up to date cruising guides to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the newly released guide to cruising the Viking Route (Faroes, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland and Labrador).  In addition, that Committee maintains an online Digital Cruising Guide to Maine covering the entire Maine coast from Kittery to Eastport.
  • The CCA organizes cruises for its members in desirable locations around the world. Previous destinations have included the Stockholm Archipelago (2019), Ionian Islands (2015), Thailand (2013) and Turkey (2007). These events usually include member boats, charter yachts sourced by CCA organizers and larger sailing vessels for group charters.
  • The Club is organized into 14 stations and posts around North America and in Bermuda.  Each station maintains its own slate of officers and runs a unique set of events and activities in furtherance of the overall objectives of the Club.  Members join stations and posts to stay connected with local friends, enjoy each other’s company and contribute to the many activities the CCA undertakes. 

How are Ocean Sailors Invited to Become CCA Members?

Considered a mark of achievement, membership is by invitation and reflects one’s ocean sailing accomplishments and character. Standards are high.  Candidates are proposed and supported in writing by at least five members, describing their experience sailing with the individual, their knowledge of his or her offshore command experience and character, and the person’s willingness to take an active interest in club activities.

Becoming part of the CCA offers the opportunity to join a community of adventurers who share a passion for self-reliance while embracing the challenges inherent in offshore passage making. Ocean sailing demands humility and rewards extensive preparation and experience. Individuals who rise to these challenges and continue to successfully explore this blue planet are naturally drawn to the CCA where knowledge is shared and life-long bonds are created.

If this sounds like you, we will be very interested in hearing from you - , please contact the Club Secretary at, indicating your offshore experience, home port, any CCA members who know you well, and your interest in being actively involved with the CCA.