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Environmental Action in the Newport Bermuda Race

As an organizer of the Newport-Bermuda Race, CCA is proud of the sustainability actions that event has incorporated:


In 2018 and beyond, the Newport Bermuda Race is striving to become a leader in Sustainability practices and the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas program. The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee announced it was partnering with Sailors for the Sea in April, continuing the effort first launched in 2014.

We encourage competitors to consider joining this effort by making their own racing programs more sustainable. We hope you will consider adopting some or all the practices below, not only for the Newport Bermuda Race but also as a permanent part of your race preparation.

In the week leading up to the start of the race, we are teaming up with Clean Ocean Accessfor a Bermuda racers’ “Second Beach Clean-up” at 5pm, Weds. This will be a great chance to get off the docks briefly, help protect local birds and wildlife from plastic ingestion, and whet your appetite for the Gosling Rum Newport Shipyard Crew Party, which follows immediately!

We also encourage all racers to take part in Clean Ocean Access’s Balloon Tracking Campaign by downloading and logging balloons on the balloon tracker during the race.

The Newport Bermuda Race is committed to clean waters in Bermuda, Newport, and everywhere between.

Reusable Water Bottles

  • All teams should only use reusable water bottles. Think about getting a good bottle branded with your boat name or the race name as an incentive to your crew.
  • There should be no single-use plastic bottles used.
  • Consider using a “dolphin pump” to transfer water from the boat tanks or large water jugs to the reusable bottles mid-race.

RRS Rule 55

As a reminder, Rule 55 is in effect for the duration of the Bermuda Race. Rule 55 stipulates that you not throw anything overboard. However, once the boats are more than 10 miles offshore, bio-degradeable food may be thrown overboard.

Waste Disposal

Please dispose of all waste properly when you arrive in Bermuda.


In Rhode Island, please recycle all glassware, cans, paper, and plastics possible. On arrival in Bermuda, recycling includes tin, aluminum and glass only.

Boat Cleaning Products

We recommend you use an eco-friendly hull and deck cleaner when you clean your boat—our suggestion is: EcoWorks Marine.


Consider adding Biodiesel to your diesel fuel to create an 80(diesel)/20(biodiesel) blend for your engine.

Alternative Fuel

We encourage racing teams to consider having some form of alternative energy: hydrogenerator, fuel cell, solar panels, wind generator.

Newport Bermuda Race crew swims Gulf Stream

A crewman swims in the Gulf Stream.

We appreciate you helping us to convey our message of sustainability and how all of us taking small steps will make a difference.

Read more Best Practices for Clean Regattas.

We also recommend reading the Green Boating Guide, produced by Sailors for the Sea. In simple language and with good visuals, it explains and offer solutions to many of the critical issues faced by those who love boating and the sea.