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We are an international organization of over 1,200 sailors who have voyaged the oceans for adventure and recreation. Our members have broad sailing experience, exemplified by superior seamanship and demonstrated through significant command. Equally important to the mission of the club are the members’ geniality of spirit and willingness to share knowledge and friendship through cruises, social events, publications, and posts on this website.

The CCA and its members contribute to the sport of sailing and history of yachting in many ways. The club makes awards for exceptional passage making, seamanship and literary works. The club organizes and runs the biennial Newport Bermuda Race, and conducts seminars on safety at sea for hundreds of sailors. The Bonnell Cove Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit organizations for projects in safety at sea and environmental protection.

For questions about the Club, please contact the secretary. Please send any comments or suggestions about the site to our webmaster.

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World Oceans Day, 2016
June 8, 2016 was World Oceans Day, the official UN-designated international day of ocean celebration and a day which emphasizes the importance of oceans in our lives and how we protect them. This year’s theme is “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” and there is a focus on taking action for the prevention of plastic pollution in our oceans.
The Environment of the Sea Committee encourages all sailors to take the message of this theme to heart and to consider your commitment to stewardship of our oceans. For more information see:
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, Circumnavigation Complete

They say what goes around comes around. Member Joe Harris just completed a solo circumnavigation in 152 days, not counting two repair stops.  He accomplished this feat aboard his Gryphon, a 40-foot monohull, finishing Thursday, May 5.  Read about it here.

Congratulations, Joe!

Blue Water Medal Major Awards Announced

Awarded at our Annual Dinner March 4 in New York, we've announced major awards for 2015:

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Plaque Newport Bermuda Plaques

Bob Darbee, long-time Newport Bermuda Awards Chair, has accumulated a miscellaneous stock of the (standard-sized) 3 1/4"x 4 1/2" brass Participant Plaques traditionally given to each finishing vessel which reads: "For Successfully Completing . . . the Newport Bermuda Race" with the specific year.

Over the years many skippers have inquired about additional Plaques for their trophy room, to replace a damaged one aboard, or to give to a shipmate who did the Race with them.

Bob is running a "garage sale" on this surplus stock.  They can be had for $60 each,...

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NEW Safety at Sea Seminar June 15

Also called the "Make Up Seminar" this USSailing Sanctioned one-day Seminar is scheduled June 15, two days before the start of the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race so that people who have not completed the required training when they check in for the Race will have a last minute chance to do so.

The seminar will take place at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) in Newport.

New Hands on the Helm

At our annual meeting, James Binch was elected Commodore and Brad Willauer Vice Commodore.

In 1922 the first Reader’s Digest magazine was published, radio arrived at the White House, and Babe Ruth signed a three-year contract with the Yankees.  That same year also saw a quieter milestone achieved with the formation of the Cruising Club of America, and unlike many organizations with brick and mortar facilities, this club without walls is – 94 years later – still fulfilling its original concept: to aid...

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NYYC Burgee NYYC offers Workshop for Bermuda Return



OldSailor:Why did you decide to go to sea? YoungSailor: I thought it would be fun. OldSailor: those that would go to sea for pleasure,would go to ...

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Bermuda Race Logo Bermuda Racers, Return Crews, Offered Resources

Safety at Sea Seminars and other safety materials aren't just for the racers. While these seminars are useful (and required) for participants in ocean races, they are quite as valuable for return crews -- as well as the casual cruiser.  The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has reached out specifically to the return crews to join in the same safety training available to the outgoing racers. Of course, all, and racers in particular, are invited to attend any of the Safety at Sea...

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Safety Seminar from Storm Trysail - April 16 - includes leading edge technology

if the CCA/Bermuda Race's seminar on March 19 does not work for you, the Storm Trysail Foundation invites CCA members and the public to enroll in their USSailing-sanctioned Safety at Sea seminar to be held at SUNY. Their April 16 seminar is designed to "teach you as much as we can about Safety at Sea in as short a period of time as possible." Classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and at-home videos (something new in this field, produced by Gary Jobson) will round out the experience.  Depending on options selected, this will get you...

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Safety for Cruising Couples

A Safety for Cruising Couples course is being offered May 21 in Greenwich, CT.  Couples where one partner may be less adept than the other can improve their safety -- and compatibility and comfort -- by building that partner's safety skills, awareness of prudent seamanship practices, and familiarity with important procedures.  Presented by a consortium of four organizations, this course adeptly distills many years of successful voyaging into accessible and "actionable" advice and lessons.  

Sign up early at this link  to be assured of your...

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Piracy in the Carribean

The otherwise delightful cruising area has been marred by criminal acts. Our friends at OCC have shared the details of incidents of piracy against private yachts in the are between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. An alert has been issued.  Read the release for more information.

"Biodegradable" Plastic Bags and Sea don't Mix

It is well known that most plastics are virtually indestructible. They are, as the saying goes, forever. Sadly, today our oceans are littered with enormous quantities of plastic, much of it in now notorious vast gyres. We all know that plastics should not be thrown overboard. However, the recent development of so-called “biodegradable" plastic bags might suggest that this is a product which can be safely discharged at sea. But read on.

The label “biodegradable” notwithstanding, a recent United Nations study has concluded that on the balance of available scientific evidence found in...

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Solo: Joe Harris Around the World

CCA member Joe Harris is circling the world. A non-stop solo effort intended to break records. Joe will be seeking to break the standing record of 137 days 20 hours in his Class 40 racing machine. Joe's been training and preparing for this for a long time.  We wish him luck!

His site is here:

Track his progress here:

From Joe's manifesto:

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“Safety for Cruising Couples” is Must-Read for Adventurous Sailors

The Safety at Sea Committee of the Cruising Club of America has just published an updated version of its highly regarded “Suddenly Alone” workbook, now titled Safety for Cruising Couples – Including “Suddenly Alone.” The workbook revisions incorporate the broad experience of CCA members as well as the technology and techniques of safety and safety equipment that have evolved since the “Suddenly Alone” workbook was first published.


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Ionian Photos Posted

See all the fun, as captured by a myriad of great snapshooters!

CCA's A.J. Evans, Bermuda Race Chair, profiled

A lively, informative, wide-ranging profile of 34-year-old A.J. Evans, from Red Bank, NJ, the youngest-ever chair of the Newport Bermuda Race. See the article here. He's sailed nine of the races, done many other distance races, and has insights into the appeals of the ocean racing lifestyle.


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