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CCA 2021 Fall Meeting in Nova Scotia (virtual) Schedule

All times posted are in EDT. Links will be posted several days before the meeting. In order to join a meeting, you will click the link and then be directed to the zoom link for that meeting. The second click will allow you into the meeting and record your attendance.
Meeting links, updated Friday, are below. For most folks, the links below will work. If you need a phone number or a passcode, please refer to THIS DOCUMENT. ALL meetings are open to ALL members. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MUTE YOURSELF when you are not speaking. If you are having difficulty joining, please email Bernard Prevost: prevost54404@gmail.com

Saturday, October 2, 2021

ESTPort. .Starboard
11:00Safety and Seamanship: John Robinson
This committee is about bringing the remarkable resources of the CCA to bear on encouraging a "Culture of Safety" and good seamanship in the sailing community at large.
Link to Meeting (click here)
Environment of the Sea: Rowena Carlson
UPSDATED LINK This committee helps keep CCA members informed about issues and concerns related to the condition of our oceans in terms of marine life, endangered species, pollution and global warming.
Link to Meeting (click here)
12:30Charts and Guides: Doug Bruce
This committee is all about CCA members sharing their hard-won cruising experience with others --either by creating well crafted guides or by loaning their paper charts.
Link to Meeting (click here)
Archives: Mark Grosby
The Archives committee facilitates the preserving of and access to club documents, records and artifacts.
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Or Breakfast!
14:00Investment: Thomas Post
This committee oversees two investment portfolios: one for the CCA and one for the Bonnell Cove Foundation.
Link to Meeting (click here)
Communications: Chris Otorowski
Communications consists of the chairs of Waypoints, the GAM, Voyages, Website, Social Media, the Yearbook and now Zoom. It is also involved in periodic email blasts, including information about station lunches and events.
Link to Meeting (click here)
15:00Next Watch: Drew Plominski
The Next Watch is all about engaging with young blue water sailors both inside and outside the CCA.
Link to Meeting (click here)
Financial Affairs: Kathleen O'Donnell
Financial Affairs will be reviewing the 2022 Budget and year to date numbers a well as the financial report for 2021. It will be setting up the timeline for the 2023 budget.
Link to Meeting (click here)
16:00EVENTS: 2022 New Foundland Cruise and 100th Anniversary: Bill Bowers and Chris Otorowski
The Newfoundland cruise starting July 24, 2022 is open to all members. It will be our first all member cruise since COVID. Hear all about it! The 100th anniversary celebration in Newport September 11-16, 2022 will involve feeder gams from nearby stations as well as Newport events.
Link to Meeting (click here)
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee
This is a description and planning session for the 2022 Newport to Bermuda Race.
Link to Meeting (click here)
17:00General meeting of the membership and awards
News for members including new members, voting on changes to by-laws and the plans for the coming year. Awards will be given for sailing accomplishments. Ginger and Peter Niemann will give a short presentation about their second circumnavigation.
Link to Meeting (click here)
18:00Cocktail Hour!
Cocktails and discussion with awardees will follow. The Bras d’Or station is very interested to know which members will be joining then cocktail zoom…please send an e mail to bill.greenwood@greenwoodlane.com advising your station and email address….with that info we will provide further info.
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