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Notice of Meeting

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The Cruising Club of America

Notice of Annual Meeting

To be held via Zoom


         Saturday, March 5, 2022        1415-1600 (Eastern Time)


Dear CCA Member:


Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Article IX of the Club’s By-Laws, the Annual Meeting of Members will be held via Zoom commencing at 1415 hours on Saturday March 5, 2022.


The following documents can be found here: https://cruisingclub.org/2022/meeting/materials



      • Minutes of the Fall Meeting of members
      • Minutes of meetings of the Governing Board on March 30, 2021, September 23, 2021, January 10, 2022, and February 24, 2022
      • Nominating Committee report
      • Proposed By-Laws amendments
      • Meeting Agenda (when posted)
      • Committee, Station and Post Reports (when posted)


Zoom link information will be distributed shortly in advance of the meeting. 





John R. Gowell


The Cruising Club of America