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Kristina Thyrre

Atle was born into a Norwegian family of fishermen and seamen, spending his childhood summers sailing and fishing with his grandfather on the west coast of Norway.  Atle learned to steer a good compass at an early age under the stern eye of his grandfather.  Atle and Kristina met at Florida Atlantic University, and are both ocean engineers, with Atle specializing in acoustics, and Kristina in offshore structures.  Kristina’s late father, Rolf Thyrre (FLA)was a keen CCA member, so that from the mid-80’s onwards, Atle cruised with the family on their Huckins 64 motor yacht, Romar, covering the east coast between Maine and the Bahamas, and getting to know many CCA members en route. In 1995 Atle and Kristina co-founded and managed Stars Signatures, which was selected by the CCA as its exclusive provider of CCA logo merchandise.  They sold the business and retired in 2012, since when they have enjoyed cruising on Summer Star, often in company with other CCA cruisers, and have put over 20,000 miles on her over the past 6 years. Since 2014 they have been sailing in Northern European waters, between Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Holland and France, with many more cruises planned.  

Affiliations: St. Petersburg Yacht Club; North American Station of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs

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