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This is the signup page for the 2020 Ski Gam.

Once again, we will base out of Park City and have reserved the club room at Silver King for February 2 through the 9th. I explored other lodging options and still found this to be the best value, by a long shot, in respect to price, location and flexible parking.

These dates put us at the tail end of Sundance Film Festival. So for those of you who enjoy films, come a couple of days early. We will also be overlapping the Freestyle World Cup, so make your reservations early. All Seasons Resort is extending a discount for CCA members at the Silver King Hotel and the Lodge at Mountain Village so please remind them of this when you make arrangements.

The price will be $300.00 per person. The full price is requested up front with the promise of a full refund if you cancel before Sept 1, 2019

Questions? Comments? Kudos?

Johnny Martin