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2018 Weather Seminar Videos

Ocean weather and sea state affects every aspect of our sport, from enjoyment and success to safety.  To help mariners develop a fundamental understanding of marine weather, sea state, and associated forecasts,  the CCA sponsored a one-day symposium in early 2018 at the MITAGS Conference Center in Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

This symposium brought together expert meteorologists and oceanographers, many with extensive offshore sailing experience, to provide a comprehensive introduction to the factors affecting marine weather and sea state and the complexity of the forecasting process.  

The session was recorded and the result edited to produce a series of discrete video segments to facilitate viewing and review. They range in length from 45 to 90 minutes. The videos are in our YouTube playlist and include the following segments:


Introduction (Frank Bohlen, CCA)

Marine Weather Fundamentals  (Ken McKinley, Locus Weather);

The 500 mb Surface –Significance and Analysis  (Lee Chesneau – Chesneau Marine Weather)

- Ocean currents, waves, and sea state  ( Frank Bohlen, University of Connecticut Marine Sciences )

Ocean Forecasting – The Process and the Products   ( Joseph Sienkiewicz – NOAA NWS  Ocean Prediction Center)

Weather Windows and Weather Routing  (Ken Campbell - Commanders Weather)

Communications  for Weather  (Jim Corenman - SailMail Association)

The Navigator’s Weather Watch   (Ralph Naranjo -  Annapolis School of Seamanship)

Questions from floor - Roundtable Discussion  (With all presenters)


Go to the playlist to watch them all in order, or pick from the list above.   

Each segment is intended to provide an introduction suitable for viewing by the novice as well as individuals reasonably familiar with the factors affecting weather and waves.  It is our hope that these videos at once increase understanding and stimulate curiosity and an interest in further study. Enjoy !