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CCA Rum Punch Recipe

 There are two levels of grog for the keg. There is the driving level and then there is the stronger sailing level. If your guests are driving, keeping the mix at about 30 proof is wise. If they have sailed to the rendezvous and will be sleeping on their boats, 40 proof makes for a more interesting party.

  •  One part dark rum (Goslings, Myers).
  • One part light rum (almost always Mt. Gay, but there is a clear Myers that works well. Under no circumstances should any color of Bacardi be allowed in the mixture. The seams in the keg will open in despair.)
  • One part pineapple juice, (Dole's big cans are fine).
  • One part pulpless orange juice, (juice with pulp will plug up the petcock and is hard to clean from the keg. We have found a mixture of orange and mango is also satisfactory, just ensure lack of pulp.)
  • Bitters; the number of shakes is open for discussion. For a half a five gallon keg, we use about 50 shakes or half a bottle.
  • Real maple syrup. For half a keg, about a full cup. Less if the weather is hot and more during the winter. (Do not even contemplate Aunt Jemima’s or some similar corn syrup with food coloring. See above re the opening of the seams.)

 Once all is in, the keg needs to be rocked, more rapidly than you would when putting a baby to sleep. Wedges of lime in a nearby bowl will help ward off scurvy. Glasses should not be larger than about eight ounces or you will be picking people up from wherever they fall. Lots of ice is required to offer a bit of dilution as it melts. As Commodore Drew's petcocks all seem to drip, and flow when they should be closed and do not flow when they are in line but actually are closed, a small bowl on the floor will spare milady's carpet from stains.

 You can pretty accurately guess at the proof from the numbers on the bottles. A "handle" of rum is usually 57 ounces. The juices now come in whatever quantity the stores think they can sell you and still be near the quart or half gallon sizes they used to sell.

 At the conclusion of the event, it is best to drain the last of the mix and refrigerate it for use as a "hair of the dog" the next morning. The keg then may be set along side the sink and using the dish rinsing hose, run hot water thru the keg until all trace of mix is gone and the water runs clear. Drain the last of the water, close the petcock and dump in another handle of Gosling's Black Seal rum, which will seal the keg nicely and keep the seams tight until the next event. Some afternoons I check the level of the Goslings and manage to become a little tight myself.

 We are sure you are up to carrying the honor now bestowed upon you.

 Fair Winds … (and with thanks to Messrs. Willauer, Schneiders, Cunningham, et al) …

Rim Punch in Action