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Skills Checklist for Short-Handed Crew

Minimum skills crew should have for cruising safely.  

If your shorthanded crew does not have these skills, think about how these tasks will be accomplished, and consider enrolling in a course to build these skills.

1.Can they stop the boat?

2.Can they lower the sails?

3.Can they steer a compass course?

4.Can they engage and set a course on the autopilot or windvane?

5.Can they start and stop the engine?

6.Can they drop the anchor?

7.Can they determine the latitude and longitude of the boat’s current position?

8.Can they use the VHF radio to call another boat or Coast Guard and send a DSC message?

9.Do they know how to call for help (send a MAYDAY message)?

10.If your boat has one, so they know how to set off an EPIRB or PLB?

11.Do they know how to deploy the Lifesling?

12.If your boat has one, can they release the MOM or MOB pole?

13.Do they know where the flares are and how to use them?

14.Do they know where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them?