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​​​​​​​The Stereo Doesn’t Work? Sometimes, one thing leads to another.

The Author, listening to music.


From the CCA School of Hard Rocks

...lessons learned in pursuit of the Art of Seamanship”

By Ernie Godshalk, Boston Station

November, 2022

Having left Golden Eye in Gothenburg while I returned to the US on business, I returned to find that the ship’s stereo, which we use frequently - e.g. a little opera at breakfast; towards the end of cocktail hour for a little salsa in the saloon; classical guitar at dinner; and finally a little Happy Dishwasher music – had given up after almost 20 years of faithful service. Why, when we weren’t even on board?

We had crossed into Norway by the time the stereo repair reached the top of my list.

I took down the radio panel and, with a multimeter in hand, was able to determine that the stereo wasn’t getting its 12 volts. When I improvised a 12-volt supply, it came to life. Progress, but a mystery remained behind the dead 12-volt supply line, which disappeared in the direction of the breaker panel.