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Suggested List of Tools and Spares

This list of tools and spares is intended to be a minimum guide to tools and spares that might be helpful in routine maintenance at sea or effecting emergency repairs when outside assistance is not available.


Socket Set, 3/8” Drive SAE, min. 3/8 thru 13/16”

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Socket Set, 3/8” drive, Metric, min. 10 thru 17mm

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Flex T- Handle, 3/8” drive

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Ratchet Wrench, 3/8” drive

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Extension Bars, 3/8” drive, 3”, 6”, 10”

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Socket Set, ½” Drive, SAE 3/8”Thru 1-1/4”

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Socket Set, 1/2” Drive, Metric, 9mm Thru 18mm

 Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Ratchet Wrench, ½” Drive

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Extension Bars, ½” Drive, 3” 6”, 10”

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Combination Wrenches, SAE, ¼” thru 7/8”

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Combination Wrenches, Metric, 7mm thru 18mm

Snap-on, Cornwell, Craftsman, etc.

Philips Screwdrivers, Size #0, #1, #2, #3 & Stubby

any QUALITY brand w/hardened tips

Slotted Screwdrivers, Size #0, #1, #2, #3 & Stubby

any QUALITY brand w/hardened tips

Hex Head “Allen” Wrenches SAE & Metric

any QUALITY brand

Dead Blow or Soft faced Hammer

any QUALITY brand

20-24 0z Hammer with hole in handle

any QUALITY brand

Adjustable Wrenches: 6, 8, & 12 inches

any QUALITY brand

Strap Wrenches

any QUALITY brand

Nut Drivers, 3/16” thru 1/2 “

any QUALITY brand

Needle Nose Pliers

any QUALITY brand

Offset screwdriver

any QUALITY brand

Locking Pliers: Lg. Jaw, Curved Jaw, Needle Nose

“Vise-Grip” only Models: 12LC, 7CR, &4LN

Sidecutting Pliers “Dikes”

any QUALITY brand

“Slip Joint” Adjustable Pliers 4” capacity

any, but “Channelock” is good (bigger=better)

25 foot Tape measure

any QUALITY brand

High Tension Hacksaw, 12”

any QUALITY brand

12 Hacksaw Blades Bimetal and carbon

any QUALITY brand

Drill bits in a case 1/16 to ½ inch in 64ths

any QUALITY brand

“Spade” bits for wood 5/8 to 1 ¼”

any QUALITY brand

Holesaw Set (up to 4 inch)

Heavy Duty with substantial mandrill

Tap and Die set standard up to ½”

any QUALITY brand

Cordless drill (Highest Voltage)

any heavy duty brand 1/2” Chuck

Cordless Sawzall (Highest Voltage)

Heavy Duty

Assorted Sawzall blades inc. Carbide Blades

any QUALITY brand

Hydraulic Cutter

Husky Tools model -208

Digital Voltmeter

Fluke model 179

Wire Stripper 22 gauge to 10 gauge wire

Anchor# 702030 (West Marine)

Quality Ratchet Crimping Tool

Anchor# 701030 or Dearborn #KT2-2026

Battery Cable Cutters or Shears

Anchor #70205 or equal

12’ Jumper Cables

any QUALITY brand

½ Round Cabinet Maker’s Rasp

Get Coarse cutting( will be used on fiberglass or wood.

8, 10, 12inch Half round and flat files (Bastard)

Nicholson or quality (get comfortable handle)

Assorted cold chisels, pin punches, drifts, etc.

any QUALITY brand

Set of tapered Punches- Small, Medium and Large

2 or 3 different sizes, any QUALITY brand

Wood Chisels (Couple of Sizes)

get plastic handles

Utility Knives and razor knives

any QUALITY brand

Assorted Pry bars

any QUALITY brand

Sharp AWL

any QUALITY brand

Head lamp- Quality LED w/ spare batteries

for working in tight quarters, frees up both hands

Gas powered torch

for heat shrinking

It is important to put holes or to tie safety lines on the large maul, tapered pins, Saws and any other tool that you might be using on deck in rough conditions. Any tool that you are using will be useless if it goes overboard. Make sure that the proper tether is made to it before you leave port.

Spares, supplies and useful bits.

Drywall screws 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”

A quick fastener with many applications, Get Galvanized

Hard wood block or hard rubber-    

To cushion hammer blow

Depending on size of boat Larger wrenches

Larger boats= larger tools.

10 feet of 36” wide Sticky back

Can be used to repair a variety of problems

4 rolls of quality Duct tape

Need we explain this?

30-80 foot lengths of electrical wire

14/2, 12/2, 10/2, 8/2

Assorted quality connectors (CNS)

Butt, various ring, spade, etc

5 tubes silicone sealant

any QUALITY brand

5 tubes Boatlife or 101

Cures underwater

10 rolls rigging tape

any QUALITY brand

Various sizes of Spectra or Vectran

50’ lengths of 1/8”, ¼” 3/8”

Assorted Hose Clamps

ABA or Norma

Hose Couplers, Sized to your boat

PVC is preferred

Assortment of hoses, Sized to your boat

Minimum Nylon reinforced

4- 5 min epoxy kits

Good for quick repairs

Boat Owners Mechanical & Electrical Manual

Nigel Calder

How Boat Things Work: An Illustrated Guide

C. Wing

Prepared by

Michael Keyworth       Brewer Cove Haven Marina

Eric Goetz        Goetz Custom Boats

Phil Garland    Hall Spars and Rigging