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Committee Meetings Schedule

CCA Fall Meeting 2022

Committee Meeting Schedule

Monday Sep 12                                              Meeting Room

0830    Archives Committee                          Gooseberry                            Open

0830    100th Anniversary Committee          Bailey’s and Surfer’s End      Open

1000    Bonnell Cove Foundation                 Gooseberry                            Closed

1030    Communications Committee           Bailey’s and Surfer’s End      Open

1200 – 1300 Lunch                                         Saltwater                   

1300    Financial Affairs Committee             Easton’s                                  Closed

1300    Environment of the Sea Comm        Gooseberry                            Open

1500    Long Range Planning Committee    Mariner’s Suite                      Open

1800    Cocktails and Dinner                         Aquidneck Ballroom

Tuesday Sep 13

0830    Bermuda Race Foundation               Gooseberry                            Closed

0830    Investments Committee                   Mariner’s Suite                      Open

0830    Safety and Seamanship                    Easton’s                                  Open

1000    Events Committee                             Bailey’s and Surfer’s End      Open

1000    Charts and Guides Committee         Easton’s                                  Open

1000    Technical Committee                        Mariner’s Suite                      Closed

1330    General Fall Meeting                         Aquidneck Ballroom             Open

1500    Membership                                       Mariner’s Suite                      Closed


TBD     Nominating Committee                    Breezing Up

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