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The Fall Cruise – Friday, September 25 to Monday, September 29

“We Want More!” Rendezvous – September 30



Due to COVID -19 current restrictions and cruise time unknowns, there will be no planned events involving food, CCA Bar nor a rum keg party. We have planned locations with pleasant anchorages,where we can go ashore to stretch the legs, spread out and share some socially distanced BYO drinks and conversation. Rafting and making the rounds by dinghy are further ways to visit with fellow members while maintaining the recommended social distances. A post-cruise option has been added. If you prefer a longer fall cruise, please choose a group and a destination for an additional stop. The game plan follows. A VHF Cruise Net will be held each morning at 0800 on VHF 78A to announce plans for the day, changes and to provide other info.

Friday, September 25: Harness Creek RendezvousWe will start by anchoring in Harness Creek, South River, off the Quiet Waters Park.  There is a dock at the Park where dinghies can land and you may use the walking or biking trails ashore. 

Saturday, September 26:  Sunny Neff Race and Quarter Creek Rendezvous: The Sunny Neff Race will start at the mouth of the South River and finish in the vicinity of the Wye River entrance. The specific course will be determined by the conditions expected.  We will moor that night in Quarter Creek, Wye River, off the home of Fred and Sharon Kirsch.  There is a large dock available and we may go ashore if we choose. 

Sunday, September 27: Skipper’s Choice:  Sunday will be a “skipper’s choice day” with the option of staying put, stopping in St. Michaels or Knapps Narrows where you may pick up a carry-out meal, or on to another favorite anchorage.

Monday, September 28: La Trappe Creek: We will anchor in Trappe Creek off the home of Doug and Becky Firth where we also may go ashore if we choose—swim in their pool, go for a walk, etc.  

Tuesday, September 29: “We Want More” Rendezvous: For those wanting to continue their cruise, the Little Choptank, Solomons area, and Rhode River are all good choices.


Registration and Fees:

There are no paid events for this cruise.

It would be helpful if those planning to attend some or all would fill out the registration form indicating what parts of the cruise you are planning to attend. The online form can be found at CCA-CHE 2020 Fall Cruise Registration.


Questions – Contact John Devlin, Cruise Chair by email (preferred) at or by phone at 410-591-8106(mobile).