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Bermuda Ralph Richardson
Reports- CCA Board Meeting March 1, 2019

At the Bermuda Station luncheon on Feb 15th 2019, Rear Commodore Les Crane gave a compelling presentation of the upcoming 2020 Mallorca cruise. Based on expressions of interest, it is estimated the fleet may reach up to 40 vessels and 250 crew. One factor, Les states, “is the number of available yachts for charter in Palma. It appears that there will be 4 vessels crewed by Bermuda Station members.
Station membership stands at 36 with the addition of two new members, Stuart Thompson, March, 2018 and Rob Childs Feb 15, 2019.
Membership participation in local events remains very high as the club seeks to prepare for the future by introducing younger cruisers.
Members remain saddened by the loss of senior member, Kirk Cooper in November of 2018. One of my dreams after joining the RBYC was to have the opportunity to sail with Kirk one day. That opportunity came in 2003 when we both participated aboard Robert Mulderig’s 72-foot sloop STARR TRAIL. I as navigator and Kirk as tactician. STARR TRAIL took line honors though Kirk missed breaking his own Marion to Bermuda record by just 45 minutes. Kirk’s wife Helen has been invited to continue with her involvement with the Bermuda Station.

- Ralph Richardson Historian