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1990’s Bras d’Or Station History

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by Rod Fraser

Station Historian & Archivist 1992-1999

A January social meeting was held at the Saraguay Club on the Northwest Arm.  Two new members, Gordon Tidmarsh and George Jollymore were inducted with due pomp and ceremony by Station Captain Rod Fraser.  Videos of the Saint John River Cruise and the Sable Island Cruise were shown for the entertainment of all.  A calendar of Station events for the 1990 activities was discussed.

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A winter Business Meeting was held on February 23rd, 1990 at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron.  The Station Captain thanked Gordon Mack for hosting the January 13th Station Social and welcomed Gordon Tidmarsh and George Jollymore to their first Station Business meeting.  Reports were heard from the Membership Committee, the Secretary and the Cruise Chairman, Bob Downie.  Much discussion followed regarding a suitable award or trust to commemorate Carl Vilas’ work for the CCA.  It was felt that his dedication to the Bras d’Or Station, his constant efforts to smooth waters between Stations and his almost single-handed production of the CCA News, should be commemorated in a special manner.

A Spring Meeting was held on April 20, 1990 at the Galley Restaurant.  The membership Committee reported that it was working on some new candidates, the Secretary reported on correspondence and the Cruise Chairman informed the meeting of the upcoming raft-ups:

  • June 9, Mosher’s Island
  • August 8, Maskell’s Harbour, Bras d’Or
  • August 25, Gooseberry Island, Mahone Bay.

The proposed memorial to Carl Vilas was addressed at this meeting and it was agreed:

  1. That there should be an award in Carl’s name
  2. That this award be for the best written description of a cruise

The secretary was instructed to write Truman Casner to propose the idea to the National Executive. 

Much discussion followed regarding a proposed mussel bed northwest of Covey Island. Gord Tidmarsh was to draft a letter to the Minister of Fisheries offering to help in setting goals and criteria for future aquaculture development.

The Station’s Spring Raft up was held on June 9, 1990 at Mosher’s Island in St. Margaret’s Bay. The following yachts made up the raft:

  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie & Harry Anderson
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser
  • SONNET I, Douglas & Sylvia Henshaw (guests)
  • DELAWANA, Hans & Danni-Sue Himmelman (Guests)

A 1990 summer raft up in the Bras d’Or Lakes took place as planned in Maskell’s Harbour on August 8th.  Yachts moored on Harry Anderson’s two 600 lb. Locomotive wheels included:

  • ELSIE, Carol Myers
  • AMASEK, Gordon Mack, Allen & Kay Findlay
  • PALAMU, George & Elva Jollymore
  • ASTRAL, Truman U Betsey Casner
  • BLUE SHADOW, Harry Anderson
  • Plus guest yachts:
  • SONNET I, Douglas & Sylvia Henshaw
  • ECLIPSE, Harry & Joan Robinson
  • INDULGENCE, Luther Aste & John Lowe
  • DREAM WEAVER, Joe & Jean Daley
  • DOVEKEY, Harry & Joan Sullivan, Charlotte Berringer.

The Station’s Rum Keg was set up on the foredeck of BLUE SHADOW, as well as a case of local wine especially bottled and labelled for the occasion.  Barbara and Diane Russell accompanied very special guest, Margaret Vilas.  Also on board was Commodore Philip MacRae of the Bras d’Or Yacht Club.  The party moved ashore to the Boulaceet farmhouse where Harry Anderson, Jilda & Dev Barker and Larry and Ann Glen hosted a spectacular lobster and salmon dinner.

The Station’s next function for the summer of 1990 was on August 25th at Ted and Liz Brainard’s Gooseberry Island, off Chester.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the Chester Brass Band helped to make this a memorable occasion.  Boats anchored in front of the Brainard’s house and wharf complex were dressed overall and included:

  • CURLEW, Ted & Liz Brainard
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie
  • MANATEE POCKET, Mac & Judy Grant
  • KEHAAR II, Gretchen McCurdy (Kit was Bluenose racing)
  • MADCAP, Gordon Tidmarsh
  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq
  • DELAWANA, Hans & Danni-Sue Himmelman
  • TRIPLICITY, Vince & Liz Lambie

Station Captain, Rod Fraser, called the 1990 Annual Meeting to order on October 26th at the Galley Restaurant.  Reports were read from all Committee Chairmen, Station Secretary and the Station Captain.  The election of Officers saw the same executive elected to office for another year.  Syd reported on early plans for the 1993 National Cruise to the Bras d’Or Lakes.

On November 30th, 1990 a noon meeting was held at the R.N.S.Y.S followed by a tour of the Coast Guard Radio facility at Ketch harbour, arranged by George Jollymore.

The Station’s activities for 1991 started with a social evening at RNSYS on January 19.  The next business meeting was held on Friday, March 22 at RNSYS and was followed by a tour of the Rescue Co-ordination Centre located near the Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

The Station Captain called a meeting on April 5, 1991 at RNSYS to announce that the Bras d’Or Station had been given a seat on the National Membership Committee.  It was agreed that the Station would ask Harry Anderson to represent it at the May 10th meeting.  The Station Membership Committee had the applications of four new members ready to forward to the National Membership Committee for consideration. 

A Business Meeting was held on May 10 at the Galley Restaurant in Chester, to outline Station activities for the summer.

Robert E. Drew, CCA News Editor, after discussions with the editorial staff of the CCA News and Syd Dumaresq wrote to Commodore Avery Seaman recommending that the CCA should initiate an award in memory of Charles Vilas to be called the C. H. Vilas Literary Prize. This award was established.

In the June 1991 edition of the CCA News, page 6 carried the depiction of the plaque, designed by Margaret Vilas, and accompanied by the following citation:

“In memory of Charles H. Vilas, member for 50 years, Assistant Editor and Editor of the Cruising Club News for twenty years, Club Historian for ten years and winner of the Nye Trophy, the Governing Board establishes the Charles H. Vilas Literary Prize to be awarded to the member who makes an outstanding contribution to the Cruising Club News in the form of an article or articles, photographs or chronicle.  The prize may be awarded as often as annually, but need not be made each year.”

The Spring Raft was held behind Pig Island in Prospect Bay on June 8th.  Alas, only three boats turned up:

  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser
  • PALAMU, George & Elva Jollymore
  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq

In July, George Jollymore’s PALAMU, with crew of Vince & Liz Lambie, Charlie Church, Douglas Henshaw and Rod Fraser, in company with Peter Watts’ ULIDIA with crew members Kit & Gretchen McCurdy, two McCurdy children, David Rennie were the only participants in the Station’s second Sable Island Cruise.  They made Sable Island some 30 hours after departing Chester only to find a strong northeaster with rain, thunder and lightning making landing untenable.  The remainder of the July 1st holiday weekend was spent clawing back to the Nova Scotia mainland.  PALAMU went into Liscomb for a day of M&M (make and mend) while ULIDIA sought refuge in Beaver Harbour.

The Summer Raft was held in Deep Cove, Mahone Bay and the highlight was the induction of our newest station member, Harry Sullivan.  Harry and his wife, Joan, arrived from Baddeck with Margaret Vilas.  The latter was very warmly received by her many friends in our Station.

The 1991 Annual Meeting of the Bras d’Or Station was held Friday November 15th at RNSYS.  The election of officers for the coming year saw Syd Dumaresq elected Station Captain and George Jollymore the Station Secretary.  Early planning was underway for the 1993 Summer Cruise to the Bras d’Or Lakes by way of communications with John & Nancy McKelvy.

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The Station’s first social event of 1992 was held at the Boscowen Inn in Lunenburg with a large turnout.  Our newest member, Vince Lambie was inducted with the usual tie and burgee presentation.

The May Meeting was held at the Galley Restaurant in Marriott’s Cove on May 7, 1992.  Station Captain Dumaresq reported that he and Sandy were in Boston the previous week attending an organizational meeting for the 1993 Summer Cruise.  He was able to fill in more details of the cruise and the Station’s participation in the Mahone Bay party.

New members Douglas Henshaw and Peter Watts joined the CCA this month and were duly welcomed to the Station. 

The spring raft up was set for Dan Blain’s Cove on June 20, 1992.  Great weather prevailed for the Dan Blain Cove raft and included:

  • SURPRISE, Station Captain Dumaresq & Sandy
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser
  • PALAMU, George & Elva Jollymore
  • TRIPLICITY, Vince & Liz Lambie
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie

The Henshaws and McCurdys arrived by land to join the raft festivities.  Water transportation from Black Duck Run to the raft up was in Dr. Jollymore’s inflatable, navigating the rock-infested passage to the bridge and back.

Summer cruising saw ULIDIA sail to Bermuda, SURPRISE to Newfoundland, AMASEK to the Magdalene Islands and SONNET returned to Mahone Bay waters from Cape Breton.  The remainder of the Station fleet cruised local waters.

A planned August raft was scrubbed due to very poor weather on the appointed weekend.

The 1992 Annual Meeting of the Bras d’Or Station was held at RNSYS on October 23.  The Station Captain stressed the importance of the Station’s involvement in the National Summer Cruise next summer to the Bras d’Or Lakes.  After the report of the nominating committee, the following were elected to office for the coming year.

  • Station Captain: Syd Dumaresq
  • Secretary: George Jollymore
  • Historian: Rod Fraser
  • Station Reporter: Vince Lambie
  • Membership Chair: Charles Church
  • Cruise Chairman: Robert Downie

The fall social evening was held at the Haliburton House, Halifax on November 21st and a following Winter social evening at the Captain’s House, Chester on January 23rd 1993.  The winter business meeting was held at RNSYS on February 10th, 1993 and the spring business meeting was held at the Galley Restaurant in Marriott’s Cove on April 7th.  Yet another social gathering was held at the Galley Restaurant on May 8th, 1993 (The Captain was big on social gatherings!)  This year’s spring raft was held in the bight behind Pig Island in Prospect Bay.

The National Summer Cruise to the Bras d’Or Lakes occupied the main Station activities for the summer as most of the Station members were involved in some capacity with this very successful cruise.  Station Captain Dumaresq gave the 1993 Station Report in the Cruising Club News in December.

The fall raft up was held in the cove east of Andrew’s Point in Mahone Bay.  Station Captain Dumaresq had planned for a Station Thanksgiving Day potluck dinner in The Gut at Eastern Points but this had to be cancelled due to rugged weather on our coast that weekend.

The 1993 Annual Meeting of the Bras d’Or Station was held on October 29th at RNSYS.  The Station Captain, Syd Dumaresq, reported that the summer cruise had been a great success and thanked Kit McCurdy, Harry Anderson and Harry Sullivan for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the station.  He also took the opportunity to welcome Mac Grant and David Booher who have transferred to the Bras d’Or Station.

Officers elected for the 1994 year were:

  • Station Captain, Syd Dumaresq
  • Secretary, George Jollymore
  • Historian, Rod Fraser
  • Cruise Chairman, Robert Downie
  • Reporter, Vince Lambie
  • Membership Chair, Peter Watts
  • Inspector General, Charlie Church

The Station met at Tattingstone Inn in Wolfville, NS for a grand social gathering. On January 22nd.  Before the gathering at the Inn, the members were hosted to before dinner drinks at the home of Peter and Barbara Watts in Kentville.  The highlight of the evening was a slide presentation by Maurice and Katie Cloughley.

On January 25th, the last local founding member and former Post Captain of the Bras d’Or Station passed away.  Mac Grant had been a member of the CCA since 1957 and had served as an executive officer in both the Florida and the Bras d‘Or stations.  The station members at the February 18th meeting observed a moment of silence in respectful memory. 

This first business meeting of the 1994 season was held at the RNSYS and Hans Himmelman, the newest member of the Bras d’Or Station was welcomed by Station Captain Dumaresq.  The Station Captain was also pleased to announce that Michael Cassidy had received three awards from the CCA:

  1. The John Parkinson Memorial Plaque for the West to East crossing in 1991
  2. Another Parkinson Plaque for the reverse crossing in 1992
  3. The Transoceanic Pennant

The Station extended its congratulations to Michael.

The spring social meeting was held on April 9th, at the Boscawen Inn, Lunenburg.  At this function, Station Captain Dumaresq presided over a contest for the best cruising of the Station members.  First prize was awarded to Harry Anderson for the log of BLUE SHADOW’s cruise to the Labrador. 

The 1994 spring business meeting of the Station was held on April 21st at the Galley Restaurant in Marriott’s Cove.  Kit McCurdy acted as secretary in the absence of the Station Secretary George Jollymore.  Station Activities for the coming summer were discussed and the Membership and Cruise Chairmen gave reports.

The spring raft was held in Split Rock Cove on Saturday June 18th.  This was a beautiful afternoon which changed to a wild thunder and lightning storm later in the evening giving all participants a display of atmospheric grandeur.

Station Yachts attending this gathering were:

  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq
  • PALAMU, George & Elva Jollymore
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie
  • ULIDIA, Peter & Barbara Watts
  • TRIPLICITY, Vince & Liz Lambie
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser

A summer gathering took place on Gooseberry Island on July 23rd with Ted & Liz Brainard graciously providing the site and amenities for this Station party.  Station yachts anchored off were dressed overall and the Dixieland combo of the Chester Brass Band provided music for the occasion.

The 1994 fall raft was held on September 17th behind Andrews’ Point in Whynacht’s Cove with a good turnout despite threatening weather.  David Morse, with his beautiful cutter ROSEANN and crew David Dowse, were welcome guests for this occasion.

Station Yachts attending this raft were:

  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq,
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie
  • KEHAAR II, Kit & Gretchen McCurdy
  • ULIDIA, Peter & Barbara Watts
  • SPARTAN, Doug & Sylvia Henshaw
  • DELAWANA, Hans & Danni-Sue Himmelman
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser
  • ROSEANN, David Morse & David Dowse (guests)

An impromptu meeting was held by the Station in October at the Galley Restaurant to hear Blue Water Medal recipient Willie Kerr tell of his voyages.  The 1994 CCA News carried an article by John Gore-Grimes on the cruise “To the Chukchi Sea with a Lime-Juice Skipper”.  Willie was the skipper!

The 1994 Annual Meeting of the Bras d’Or Station was held on October 28th at RNSYS.  Station Captain Syd Dumaresq paid respects to the late Mac Grant.  The various committee chairmen gave their reports and the report of the nominating committee presented by Rod Fraser was as follows:

  • Station Captain, Bob Downie
  • Secretary, George Jollymore
  • Reporter, Syd Dumaresq (in Vince’s absence)
  • Historian, Rod Fraser
  • Cruise Chairman, Hans Himmelman
  • Membership Chair, Peter Watts
  • Inspector General, Charlie Church

The Committee Report was accepted as presented.

A business meeting was held on November 25th at RNSYS.  Station Captain Bob Downie dealt with some business arising from the minutes and concluded a short meeting as a tour of the Louis St. Laurent was arranged for 1400 hrs.  All enjoyed the tour of this large modern icebreaker.

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The first social evening of the 1995 season was held at the Boscawen Inn in Lunenburg.  A good turnout of members enjoyed slides by Hans Himmelman of his cruise to Bermuda.  The first business meeting of the year was held At RNSYS on February 17th.  Station Captain Downie reported that AMASEK was cruising in the Exumas and TRIPLICITY was in Nassau.

A spring social evening was held on March 25th at the Tattingstone Inn in Wolfville with pre-dinner get together at the home of Peter and Barbara Watts in Kentville.  The spring business meeting followed on April 9th at the Galley Restaurant in Marriott’s Cove.  Station Captain Downie informed the meeting that he would be attending the spring meeting of the CCA at Mystic, Connecticut on the 29th & 30th of April.  Harry Anderson was to be asked to represent the Station at the next membership meeting, as we had recently been allotted a seat on this committee. Cruise Chairman Hans Himmelman stated that the spring raft was set for Cub Basin (Prospect area) on June 17th.  After a report by Charlie Church on behalf of Membership Chairman Peter Watts, the meeting adjourned to the dining room for dinner and stories.

The Spring Raft took place in Rogues Roost on the 17th.  A beautiful day with following yachts rafted:

  • RESTLESS VI, Station Captain & Joan Downie with Harry Anderson aboard
  • PALAMU, George Jollymore
  • ULIDIA, Peter & Barbara Watts
  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq
  • SPARTAN, Douglas & Sylvia Henshaw
  • WINDSWEPT, Charles & Jane Westropp (guests)

Summer cruising by Station Yachts saw Hans Himmelman sail DELAWANA to Bermuda and back and SURPRISE explore the upper reaches of the St. Mary’s River without bouncing!

The fall raft was held in the Station’s favourite fall location, Whynacht’s Cove, on September 16th.  The guest of honour for this gathering was CCA Commodore Kaighn Smith.  To mark the occasion the Station presented the Commodore with a painting of a schooner at winter anchorage in Lunenburg Harbour circa 1925.

Yachts attending this raft were:

  • Green Schooner (Guest)

The 1995 Annual Meeting was held at the RNSYS on October 27th.  Station Captain Bob Downie asked that we observe a moment of silence in memory of Margaret Vilas who died on September 18th, 1995.  It was Margaret who was so helpful in gathering and supplying information regarding the early activities of the Bras d’Or Post and as Carl’s wife was intimately involved in the Post and latterly the Station functions.

A letter was received from Frederick (Bud) O’Brien stating that he wished to transfer his membership from the Boston Station to the Bras d’Or Station.  This request received unanimous approval, and on a further motion it was agreed that the present executive members would serve for another year.

A short business meeting was held on December 6th 1995 at the Galley Restaurant in Marriott’s Cove.  Our guest for the evening was Robert Hinckley of the Boston Station who gave us an update on activities on the Hinckley Yard in Southwest Cove, Maine.

The 1996 Winter Social Meeting was held at RNSYS on February 10th.  The Station Captain welcomed our newest members, Hal Davies and Charles Westropp, who were elected to membership in January 1996.  A second social function was held at the home of Kit and Gretchen McCurdy in Marriott’s Cove on March 2nd.

The spring raft up was held on June 15th in the bight of Franks George Island in St. Margaret’s Bay.  Yachts present were:


The Bras d’Or Station rum keg was ceremoniously transferred to ULIDIA for transport to Ireland for the upcoming “Cruise in Company” on the south coast of Ireland.  ULIDIA departed South Shore Marine on June 23rd for Kinsale, Ireland under the command of Peter Watts with Kit McCurdy of the Bras d’Or Station and four others as crew. They arrived in Kinsale on July 12th after an uneventful crossing.

A highlight of the 1996 summer was Harry Anderson’s party at Boulaceet Farm.  Local CCA members, Harry’s many Baddeck friends and several visiting CCA members attended this gathering.   As Syd Dumaresq quipped, “Even the heavy rains could not dampen the Anderson hospitality.”

AMASEK was leisurely cruised north from the Bahamas by newly weds Kay and Gordon Mack.  Vince and Liz Lambie in TRIPLICITY, and Douglas and Sylvia Henshaw in SPARTAN cruised the Bras d’Or Lakes. DELAWANA sailed to the Magdalene Islands and SURPRISE with the Dumaresq’s cruised the South Coast of Newfoundland.

The fall raft up was washed out due to storm conditions every week-end, but a business meeting was held a the Galley Restaurant on October 16th at 1850 hours.  Members present were informed that the Rum Keg made it across the Atlantic, provided sustenance for unwary Irishmen, and was returned to the station by Kit McCurdy.

The 1996 Annual Meeting of the Bras d’Or Station was held November 30th at RNSYS.  Peter Watts was elected Station Captain with Douglas Henshaw taking on the duties of Secretary.

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The 1997 winter social took place at the home of the Station Captain in February.  A large number of members and spouses listened to a detailed account of ULIDIA’s crossing to Ireland, and the following Irish Cruise with slides and charts.

In March, several members of the Station journeyed to C.F.B. Greenwood to spend an interesting afternoon with the Search and Rescue Squadron and technical staff describing their work and equipment.

The Spring Meeting was held at the Galley Restaurant on May 9th.  At this meeting, our newest member, Dr. Reg Goodday was warmly welcomed to the Station-by-Station Captain Peter Watts and those members present.

The Spring Raft took place this year on the North West Arm of Halifax Harbour where Gordon and Kay Mack were our hosts.  The summer sailing saw ULIDIA sailing the west coast of Scotland, Harry Anderson took ANNIE B. back to Newport from Baddeck, Reg Goodday sailed ACUBRA to Martha’s Vineyard and Hans Himmelman sailed DELAWANA to a first place finish in his class in the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race.  The Dumaresqs, Tidmarshes, Lambies and the Henshaws took part in the Pacific North West Station Cruise in September.

The Bras d’Or Station Fall Raft up took place in Hubbard’s Cove on September 20th with only DELAWANA, HARDTACK and WINDSWEPT providing the raft, while several other members were shuttled from shore.  The raft broke up early as heavy winds were forecast.  HARDTACK and WINDSWEPT took separate moorings while DELAWANA cleared out to her homeport in St. Margaret’s Bay.

A meeting on October 25th, 1997 at the home of Douglas and Sylvia Henshaw was highlighted by the attendance of CCA Commodore Bob Drew, and a talk on the planning for the upcoming 1998 National Summer Cruise was let by Co-Chairman, Gordon Mack.

The 1997 Annual Meeting took place on November 20 at RNSYS.  The Station Captain Peter Watts gave a comprehensive report of the year’s activities and the Chairman of the Nominating Committee moved that the present Executive continue in office for another year.  Unanimously carried.  Gordon Mack gave an update on the National Summer Cruise planning and advised that Sandy Dumaresq had agreed to act as Cruise Treasurer

The 1998 season of the Bras d’Or Station started with a social evening at RNSYS on Friday January 23.  The highlight of this occasion was Charlie Church’s birthday, which was celebrated in grand style.  Pictures of the celebration were published in the December 1998 CCA News.  Gordon Mack and Ted Brainard, our hard working Co-Chairs for the upcoming Summer Cruise brought everyone up to date on the progress of the planning.

A meeting on April 17th at the Galley Restaurant concentrated on finalizing plans for the Summer Cruise.  The only change noted was to move the Commodore’s Reception on Big Gooseberry Island to Saturday, August 1st.  The Station Captain advised he would be present for the Summer Cruise aboard Kit McCurdy’s KEHAAR III as ULIDIA will be left in Sweden for the winter.

Foul weather washed out our June 20th Raft Up and the Fall Raft had to be cancelled because of the exclusion zone set up after Swiss Air 111 crash on September 3rd.

The National Summer Cruise was an outstanding success, the weather could not have been better and the shore parties at Shelburne, Lunenburg, Chester and Halifax left nothing to be desired.  The cruise to Sable Island was equally blessed with fine weather, which is essential to land on the island.  SURPRISE and AMASEK even anchored and stayed over night.

A combined business and social meeting was held at the home of Kit and Gretchen McCurdy in Marriott’s Cove on October 24th.  A Pot Luck dinner was greatly enjoyed by all members present.

A meeting was held on board HMCS Sackville on November 5th.  The visit was kindly arranged by Charles Westropp, who, following the meeting gave all hands a guided tour of the vessel.

The 1998 Annual Meeting was held at the Saraguay Club on Friday November 27th.  Station Captain Watts gave a comprehensive report of Station activities and the CCA in general, stating that Hans Himmelman and he had been warmly welcomed a the CCA Annual Meeting in New York.  The Nominating Committee report was unanimously accepted, and saw Douglas Henshaw elected the new Station Captain with Charles Westropp assuming the duties of Secretary.  A unanimous vote of thanks was extended to Sandy Dumaresq for her work as Treasurer for the very successful summer cruise.

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The 1999 season started with a social evening and dinner at the Boscawen Inn in Lunenburg on January 29th.  A good turnout was recorded and a new member, Sandy MacMillan was officially welcomed to the Station.

The first business meeting for 1999 was held at the Galley Restaurant on April 16th.  Many items of business were reported on and it was noted that the Station had attained the magic number of twenty-four members.  Therefore we had the power to promote our Station Captain to Station Rear Commodore, this to take place at the next Annual Meeting.

The Spring Raft took place in the Bight of Pig Island, Prospect Bay.  Cruise Chairman George Jollymore arranged the following yachts in seaman-like anchor deployment:

  • TRIPLICITY, Vince & Liz Lambie
  • KEHAAR III, Kit & Gretchen McCurdy, Peter and Barbara Watts.
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser, George Jollymore
  • WINDSWEPT, Charles & Jane Westropp, Douglas & Sylvia Henshaw
  • DELAWANA, Hans & Danni-Sue Himmelman and daughters

An overnight wind shift resulted in HARDTACK and KEHAAR III with crossed anchor rodes.


Much local cruising by the Bras d’Or Station members saw RESTLESS VI, HARDTACK, KEHAAR III, PRION, TRIPLICITY and DELAWANA cruise to the Bras d’Or Lakes.  DELAWANA made a “touch and go” crossing to the South Coast of Newfoundland.

The 1999 Raft, the last of the millennium, was planned by Cruise Chairman George Jollymore to take place in Mahone Bay Harbour, on Saturday September 11.  However, once again the fall weather with a real good southwest gale and rain had the Cruise Director move the event to Chester Back Harbour, and provided his cottage for the gathering, out of the weather.  Despite the inclement weather a happy crowd assembled for drinks and a Pot Luck Supper directed by the Macks and the Dumaresqs.

The roll call included:

  • SPARTAN, Doug & Sylvia Henshaw, Charlie & Betty Church
  • AMASEK, Gordon & Kay Mack
  • SURPRISE, Syd & Sandy Dumaresq, Donna & John Curry (guests)
  • HARDTACK, Rod & Gail Fraser, Peter & Barbara Watts, Ruth & Hakon Linde from Norway
  • TRIPLICITY, Vince & Liz Lambie
  • RESTLESS VI, Bob & Joan Downie
  • TERN, Bud O’Brien, George & Elva Jollymore
  • KEHAAR III, Kit & Gretchen McCurdy
  • RIGEL, David & Paula Booher

Also attending were Hans Himmelman, Glen Dexter, Jeannie Church and guests Dave Dowse and son.