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The Bras d’Or Station takes its name from the beautiful inland saltwater lakes where the CCA was conceived onboard Elsie in 1919. The lakes were named Bras d’Or (Arm of Gold) by French explorers in the early 1500’s.

In the 1960s, and earlier, adventuresome yachtsmen were sailing into Atlantic Canadian waters, exploring the quiet coves and quaint harbours.  CCA members Carl Vilas and Mel Grosvenor proposed the formation of the Bras d’Or Post which was unanimously approved by the CCA in November 1966.  The new Bras d’Or Post was “made up Nova Scotia residents, property owners in Cape Breton and Bras d’Or Lake buffs, who wish they could be permanently located”.

The CCA intended that “we use in our title the word ‘America’ in its geographical and not its political sense”, thereby “drawing into close relationship all deep-water amateur sailors of our hemisphere”.  The Bras d’Or Station is proud to be a member of the CCA.

Today the Bras d’Or Station has approximately 40 enthusiastic members who venture near and far, making “adventurous use of the seas”.

We invite you to visit us, explore our waters and get to know our members.  From our Gaelic routes we offer ‘One Hundred Thousand Welcomes’.

Our News

The spring  station spring raft up will be Saturday 15th June with a weather reserve date of 22nd June. Location to be confirmed, but probably Scott Cove. 

CCA Members from other stations will be welcome. Email John Harries, station secretary/treasure for further details: