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The Future of Flares

Safety Moment, Cruising Club of America, SF Station, Sept 2018

Chuck Hawley

New Ideas on Personal Safety Gear
Fast forward 20 or so years, and Stan is again sailing on state-of-the-art multihulls, but now on Gitana 17, a foiling trimaran, whose crew intends to set the around the world record: the Jules Verne Trophy. While the personal gear that the crew wears is similar to what we had on Playstation, there are some subtle differences.
Fire Safety Rules SIMPLIFIED!
Remarkably, the list of required safety gear for a 35’ sail or power boat is remarkably short. Life jackets and throwable flotation, navigation lights, visual distress signals, a sound making device, and a couple of fire extinguishers is pretty much all you’re required to have
THE COLD FACTS: Special Safety Considerations of High Latitude Voyaging

With tens of thousands of miles sailed (and working) in the cold-water latitudes, CCA Member Mark Roye has learned a

2019 Special Equipment Regulations

Following the Low Speed Chase disaster, a general overhaul of local, and ultimately national offsh

​​​​​​​Ascending the Mast Safely

Italics Note – Items in italics should be read to an audience before the paper i

List of Improvements for Short-handed Boats

This list started when a CCA member tried to identify what changes

Safe Dinghy Checklist

Dinghy Safety Checklist