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The "Good" Kind of Inflation
Before we head out on the water once again this is a good time to check on all things inflatable... and NOT inflatable.
Recommendation on Life Jackets and Tethers
The right life jacket for your conditions and a tether when conditions warrant it.
What Makes One Life Jacket Better Than Another?
How would you go about figuring out if a life jacket design is capable of saving a life when used in rough water? What would you look for? How would you measure the life jacket’s effectiveness? Which models would you accept, and which ones would you fail?
New Ideas on Personal Safety Gear
Fast forward 20 or so years, and Stan is again sailing on state-of-the-art multihulls, but now on Gitana 17, a foiling trimaran, whose crew intends to set the around the world record: the Jules Verne Trophy. While the personal gear that the crew wears is similar to what we had on Playstation, there are some subtle differences.
Pros and Cons of Personal Safety Gear
Bottom line: safety gear is a compromise. Too foolproof, and it may be either too expensive or too difficult to use. Too heavy, and people leave it below decks. Too much maintenance required, and it may not work when it is supposed to. 
Life Jacket Performance
In 2017, US Sailing Yachtswoman of the Year Timmy Larr asked me to participate in a series of life jacket tests in Tampa Bay, about ¼ mile from the University of Southern Florida. These tests were reasonably similar to other life jacket testing that I had done, with a few exceptions.
THE COLD FACTS: Special Safety Considerations of High Latitude Voyaging

With tens of thousands of miles sailed (and working) in the cold-water latitudes, CCA Member Mark Roye has learned a

The Labels are Coming, the Labels are Coming!
After an initial stage of having existing life jacket designs updated with modern labels, new life jacket designs created under a new UL standard (UL 12402) will begin to enter the market, and these life jackets may have features and innovations which are not currently allowed under the older UL standards. At least that is the hope.
Life Jacket Recommendations
The CCA recommends that, at the skipper’s discretion, all crew should WEAR A LIFE JACKET when on deck of a recreational boat. There are various types of life jackets with advantages and disadvantages, and that are appropriate for different conditions. But the best one is the one you are WEARING. The boat's skipper should establish a culture of safety and protocols, the goal of which is: don't fall overboard.