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The Far Horizons Award

Far Horizons

The Far Horizons Award was established in 2005 by the CCA Governing Board to recognize members of the Cruising Club of America for a particularly meritorious cruise or series of cruises that exemplify the objectives of the club.  The name of the award is derived from the name of the books published by the Club containing accounts of cruising adventures by its members. 

For 2007 the Far Horizons Award is awarded to Gillian West, for her successful circumnavigation in her 34' sloop, Khamsin, a notable achievement for a woman of 74 years. It was a 14-year series of passages which took her to unusual places and was carried out with outstanding competence and seamanship. Particularly noteworthy was her unique cruise in the Gambia River in West Africa.

The 2007 Far Horizons Award was presented on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at the New York Yacht Club.