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Yes, (Part I & Part II) is an inspiring account of a husband and wife exploring the world by sailboat.

Part I, England to Fiji:
Walking the narrow, brick laid streets of Europe, the couple explore historic cities and centuries old fishing villages. At Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, they view the only 16th century warship in the world. At Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, a gold crucifix, dated 874, is believed to contain a piece of the True Cross. Alhambra, intricately sculpted with molded plaster, stone, and patterned tiles, is the only intact medieval Muslim palace in existence.
Seeking adventure, caves, subterranean catacombs, and dark, mysterious lava tunnels are explored. Hiking the Marquesas Islands, they stumble upon ritual platforms, cavernous prisoner pits and stone execution sites once used by tribes known for cannibalism and sacrifice. Scuba diving, they explore the underwater world of the Galápagos Islands, Bora Bora and the Tuamotus, the shark capital of the world.

Leaving England with a new boat, the learning curve is steep and not without injury. The new lifestyle presents problems never before experienced: transmission fluid and hydraulic leaks, radio malfunctions and autopilot breakdowns. Squalls, hull devouring reefs and colossal waves are part of offshore sailing. A Coastguard helicopter lowers a rescue officer to their aft deck, an unidentified armed vessel circles their boat while sailing at night through waters known for drug trafficking. Protected anchorages become dangerous when nearby boats drag their anchors and crash into them.
Crossing the Atlantic, sails tear apart, rigging lets go.

St. Martin to Rhode Island, Panama Canal to French Polynesia, Fiji to New Zealand; each passage had its challenges. Mustique, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Tonga; each island held intrigue.

Immersed in adventure, enlivened by fascinating stories, the author writes with compassion, wit and humour.

Yes, the World is Round, is a story of incredible challenge and perseverance.

Author’s recommendations: accommodations, restaurants and Caribbean beach bars. Back packer dormitories and resorts. Adventure diving, hiking, and not-to-be missed attractions.