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PFDs for Extreme Events

They float. You don't.

Author: Ralph Naranjo

Publication: Practical Sailor, July 2021

Ralph Naranjo is a member of the Cruising Club of America and its Safety & Seamanship Committee. He is a former Vanderstar Chair at the US Naval Academy and author of THE ART OF SEAMANSHIP: Evolving Skills, Exploring Oceans and Handling Wind, Waves and Weather.

Ralph Naranjo recently wrote a thoughtful article, “PFDs for Extreme Events,” for Practical Sailor magazine, discussing the pros and cons of various types of lifejackets. The article raises several important questions for sailors (in the broadest sense) to consider when selecting a life jacket:

    • Is one type of life jacket best to meet all lifesaving needs?
    • What are the issues that should be considered in selecting a life jacket?
    • Should sailors consider carrying aboard more than one type of life jacket?

Courtesy of Practical Sailor, the full article can be read at

See also the CCA Safety & Seamanship Committee recommendations regarding lifejackets -


John Robinson, Chair
CCA Safety & Seamanship Committee

The Cruising Club of America is a collection of passionate, seriously accomplished, ocean sailors making adventurous use of the seas. All members have extensive offshore boat handling, seamanship, and command experience honed over many years. A goal of the CCA is to advance seamanship and help skippers promote a Culture of Safety aboard their vessels.