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Narragansett Bay Post is the newest member of the CCA family.  The brainchild of a group meeting in late 2016, this Post of the Boston Station came into existence in March of 2017 with a Board vote approving it.

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How many of us have had our sports viewing by that line superimposed on the screen? Well, thank Stan.  He's being honored for that development by the Hall of Fame:

Stan Honey: Sports Broadcast Graphic Enhancements
A pioneer in the field of sports television graphics, Stan Honey has transformed the viewing experience of millions of sports fans. Honey and his team created the Virtual Yellow 1st & Ten® line— which has been hailed as one of the most important developments in the history of sports broadcast technology. Work conducted by Honey and his team led to other graphic enhancements in sports including baseball, hockey, NASCAR and sailing.