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To the members of the Boston Station,

Today we make the announcement the committee dreaded most.  Given the multitude of unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the Club's commitment to the safety of our members and the public, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this summer's station cruise.  For some, this was probably a foregone conclusion, while for others it is just one more vestige of normalcy that has gone by the wayside.  While we do not know exactly what the state of communal gathering will be in late July, we do know that there will not be a vaccine or a treatment that will allow us to return to normal activities as in years before.  Against that backdrop, it seemed irresponsible to try to continue with an event that would bring us all together so closely this year.

It is still possible that we might be able to "cruise" together in one form or another by late July.  We urge each of you who was planning to spend time aboard this summer along the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine to do so if travel restrictions allow.  At its worst, we can wave to each other from afar in shared anchorages.  Perhaps we can go further, gathering together for a night or two of visiting by dinghy or even small meetings of two to three boats.  We will have to monitor the progress of the disease and the evolution of state restrictions before we can make that decision.  Our committee will be reconvening in mid-June to determine if there is any such planning we can propose and would very much enjoy hearing from you in the meantime regarding your appetite to somehow cruise together later this year.  Either way, it will be as important as ever to proudly fly our burgees so we may identify other members afloat this summer. 

Of course we do not want to give up on all the planning that went into this year's cruise, and we will be looking closely at whether we can fit this event into 2021's already busy summer schedule. We will keep everyone informed over the next few months as we discuss that possibility.  In the meantime, anyone who signed up and paid for this year's cruise will receive a full refund in the next few days. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this difficult time.  We like to extend our special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put together what promised to be a fun and memorable event.


Peter E. Driscoll (Cruise Chair)
James Phyfe (Rear Commodore)

Members of the Boston Station,

Members of the Boston Station,

We are in unprecedented times. Our normal way of life has been disrupted by a set of circumstances I don't believe any of us ever thought we'd see in our lifetimes.  I have no doubt that many of our Station members have been personally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to you I say that we are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.  For those of you who have lost loved ones, I am truly sorry.

Cruising Club of America

Boston Station

Holly McDonough has taken on the task of look at various alternatives, and has made an arrangement with a name tag vendor which will allow any BOS member to order name tags and to have them shipped directly to you. This arrangement will avoid the more complex logistics of group orders which we have placed in the past. We have had several members, including the McDonoughs, order these tags as a trial run and they report that the process is simple and efficient.