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All CCA members and their partners are invited to join us for a Garden Party to celebrate the Newport Bermuda Race


Windfall 11 Windward Drive, Pembroke

the home of Mrs Kirk Cooper, . 


Dress Smart Casual – no Jackets required

RSVP cfacooper@hotmail.com

Windfall is a ¾ mile walk along Pitts Bay Road west from the club. When you pass the Princess you are half-way there.


Tim Patton has volunteered to ferry guests from the club on his barge. The first run will leave the Yacht Club at 5:45. Next run approx. 6:05.


There is parking on the property. There will be a guide giving instructions at the entrance to the property.


Please do not arrive by private boat as we need to keep the dock clear for the barge to come and go.

Windfsll, 11 Windward Drive, Pembroke