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Rear Commodores

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100th Anniversary

Joseph T. Callaghan Daniel P. Dyer III Edwin G. Fischer M.D.
Kinnaird Howland Sheila McCurdy Robert J. Morris
Christopher L. Otorowski Chair Christopher L. Otorowski Shawn Otorowski Co-Chair
Edward S. Rowland Peter C. Stone Stephen E. Taylor


Elisabeth Bohlen Robert E. Drew Mark Ellis Chair
John P. Rousmaniere John F. Towle

Awards Committee

Douglas Bruce William E. Cook Chair Stephen W. James
Christopher L. Otorowski Peter M. Passano C. Tanner Rose, Jr.

Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

Rex Bruce Berriman Newport Operations Brian W. Billings Onion Patch James G. Binch CCA Commodore
W. Frank Bohlen Weather/Oceanography Jonathan Brewin Chair John F. Brooks Coast Guard Liaison
Andrew A. Burnett-Herkes RBYC Hon. Secretary Peter L. Chandler CCA Treasurer Jon Corless RBYC Vice Commodore
Colin E. Couper Qualifications Robert S. Darbee Awards Chair Frederick W. Deichmann Newport Ops and Past Chair
Alton J. Evans Past Chair, NOR/SI Edwin G. Fischer M.D. Watch Captain Ernest L. Godshalk CCA Safety & Seamanship
Henry F. Halsted Qualifications Richard S. Hambleton Webmaster Joseph S. Harris Qualifications
Richard C. Holliday Participation Chair Bjorn Johnson Sponsorship and Entry Stephen W. Kempe Bermuda Operations
Somers Whitaker Kempe RBYC Former Commodore Michael H. McBee Participation/Ambassadors Christopher J. McNally Communications
Tristan C. Mouligne Qualifications Lester E. Nicholson Technical Chair Leatrice Oatley RBYC Commodore
John D. Osmond M.D. PRO, Past Chairman Christopher L. Otorowski CCA Secretary John P. Rousmaniere Media/PR/Historian
Leslie Schneider Safety at Sea Seminar Adminstrator Gardiner L. Schneider Safety at Sea Seminar Adminstrator S. Peter Shrubb Intl Jury Chair
James R Teeters Technical/Scoring Ronald C. Trossbach Race Safety Officer W. Bradford Willauer CCA Vice Commodore
John S. Winder Grand Prix and Onion Patch Jeffrey S. Wisch M.D. Medical Chair

Bonnell Cove Foundation

Zia E. Ahari MD W. Bradley Avery W. Frank Bohlen Secretary
Daniel P. Dyer III William S. Foss Kinnaird Howland
Joyce C. Lhamon Sheila McCurdy President J. W. Robert Medland
John W. Melchner Paul K. Rogers III Treasurer

Charts and Guides Committee

James C. Evans Jonathan Knowles Alexander MacMillan
Finley H. Perry Jr. David C. Utley Alexander B. Weld Chair

Communications Committee

Pieter de Zwart Mindy Gunther Drew John A. Griswold
Zdenka Seiner Griswold Richard S. Hambleton Michael Moradzadeh
Christopher L. Otorowski Richard Salsman Lawrence Somers Chair
Barbara N. Watson Anthony A. Will

Communications Task Force

Robert A. Beebe Co-Chair Robert J. Morris Co-Chair

Environment of the Sea

Myron Arms W. Frank Bohlen Edward C. Brainard II
John K. Bullard Sydney Dumaresq William S. Foss
Jennifer L. Haddock Chair Charles Higginson C. Mark Schrader


James G. Binch Ernest L. Godshalk Joseph C. Hoopes Annual Meeting
J. W. Robert Medland Cruises Marjorie Robfogel Fall Meeting John F. Robinson
Lawrence Somers Barbara N. Watson Chair

Financial Affairs Committee

Jonathan Brewin Kathleen M. O'Donnell Chair Ross C. Santy


Elisabeth Bohlen Pieter de Zwart Co-Chair Dianne Embree
Joanna Miller - de Zwart Co-Chair Daniel E. Nerney Dennis W. Powers
Jo Tomsett Jones

Guest Moorings

Eugene F. Gardner Chair Albert J. Garnier R. Channing Reis

Investment Committee

Peter L. Chandler Paul J. Hamilton Frederic T. Lhamon
Thomas Post Chair John F. Robinson Ross C. Santy
W. Bradford Willauer

Membership Committee

Jonathan Brewin BDA Douglas Cole PNW Mindy Gunther Drew ESS
James F. Foley GLS Andrew Jones GLS Thomas A. Kenney FLA
Edwin A. Meserve SOC Hiroshi Nakajima NYS James D. Phyfe III BOS
James K. Quanci SAF William B. Read CHE Peter W. Stoops Chair
Erwin Wanderer BDO

Nominating Committee

Douglas Bruce Daniel P. Dyer III Frederic T. Lhamon Chair
Lawrence Somers Barbara N. Watson

Safety & Seamanship

Alan V. Andrews James G. Binch Jonathan Brewin
John F. Brooks David C. Brown Douglas Bruce
Clinton G. Bush III Boris Paul Bushueff Jr. Edwin G. Fischer M.D.
Janet C. Garnier Lawrence R. Glenn Anne D. Glenn
Lawrence R. Glenn Jr. Ernest L. Godshalk Chair Charles G. Hawley
Sally Lindsay Honey Stanley K. Honey Bjorn Johnson
John R. Jourdane Stephen W. Kempe Robert P. Knight
Robert Leeson Jr. Mark Lenci Frederic T. Lhamon
Henry Marx Sheila McCurdy Andrew McTavish
Ernest R. Messer Michael Moradzadeh Ann Noble-Kiley
Christopher L. Otorowski James D. Phyfe III John P. Rousmaniere
Mark A. Roye Gardiner L. Schneider Leslie Schneider
Ronald C. Trossbach David P. Tunick Thomas Wadlow
W. Bradford Willauer John S. Winder Jeffrey S. Wisch M.D.
Jonathan Wright Richard W. York

Technical Committee

Alan V. Andrews James K. Antrim William E. Cook
James Corenman Mark Ellis Stanley K. Honey
Lester E. Nicholson Chair James R Teeters John S. Winder


Douglas Bruce Editorial Advisor Dale K. Bruce Editorial Advisor John R. Chandler Editorial Advisor
Douglas Cole Editorial Advisor Cindy Crofts-Wisch Manager-Extra Copies Zdenka Seiner Griswold Co-Chair Editor
John A. Griswold Co-Chair Editor Robert L. Hanelt Editorial Advisor Cameron Hinman Editorial Advisor
Ellen Massey Leonard Mapping Advisor Robert Lux Editorial Advisor Jonathan C. K. Peake Editorial Advisor
David T. Pratt Photography Advisor John P. Rousmaniere Associate Editor Maggie Salter Editor-Final Voyages
Barbara N. Watson


Michael Moradzadeh Chair Lawrence Somers

Yearbook Committee

Leslie Will Anthony A. Will Editor