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MAY 3-12, 2024 - Loreto to La Paz, Mexico


Less than one week to go and the fleet is ready to cruise!

Marina Puerto Escondido is all set and ready to welcome the fleet with a med-tie along their long dock and a festive welcome fiesta. 


CRUISE GUIDEBOOK: The final version of the Cruise Guidebook is now available here. Please watch this page for updates.



As mentioned in our previous post, we’ll begin our cruise from Puerto Escondido near Loreto with a welcome fiesta, and an opportunity to provision for the week. We’ll then head out for a week of cruising the beautiful islands and secluded coves this area boasts and enjoy a mid-way beach party (or two) before ending our adventure back at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz. See the planned itinerary for details. For those interested in staying a little longer, we've arranged special rates with the Hotel Indigo in La Paz. See the attached rate code for details.

While some will come in their own boats, we’ve worked out a selection of charter yachts with Dream Yacht Charters (DYC) in La Paz for those who’d rather charter.

Our original window to hold the fleet for CCA has now lapsed, but there may still be boats available. The charter fleet is a mix of monohulls and multihulls at various price points which includes a group flotilla discount. See the attached list of charter yachts and contact Savannah at DYC directly for details and to arrange a charter contract.

Note that the quoted charter rates include all extras – including delivery of your charter yacht from La Paz to Puerto Escondido if you so desire. You may elect to deliver the yacht yourself a few days ahead of the cruise. Just check with Savannah at DYC for adjusted pricing and details.

If you'd like to join a crew or have room aboard your boat, please reach out to us or contact the members listed on the attached Participant List directly.

For those traveling from Southern California, look into traveling directly into La Paz or Loreto from the Tijuana Airport via Volaris Airlines. This is a breeze thanks to the availability of the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) which allows you to park on the US side of the border, then walk across a bridge directly into the Tijuana Airport terminal building to pick up your regularly scheduled domestic flight to locations within Mexico.

Watch here for more information on travel, hotels, parties, provisioning and more as the cruise develops. We've provided the official and very informative Baja Haha Guide for First-Time Cruisers to Mexico on the sidebar here. You may also want to purchase this very popular guide for a great overview of cruising the Sea of Cortez.

If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to us at or to learn more and join this unique cruise!

Dan Gribble & Gary Davidson, Cruise Co-Chairs


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This is the initial payment for registering in our fabulous Sea of Cortez cruise. Enter the first and last names of the participants, and please, in the "Details" section, enter the skipper and name of the boat you'll be on if known. The fee is $150 per person, non-refundable.

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