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A 2025 CCA Transatlantic Feeder Cruise is in the planning stages for an Early June 2025 (10th) departure from Newport, RI to Kinsale Ireland. The prosed route is a standard great circle routing, leaving Newfoundland and the ice triangle on the port hand, then proceeding direct UK. Typical voyage times are 15-20 days depending on vessel and strength of prevailing westerlies. After making landfall and re-provisioning (and sorting out the vessels), the plan is to voyage up the Irish Sea into Western Scotland to join the 2025 CCA Western Scotland Cruise proper.


We already have an expression of interest from 12 vessels for the Transatlantic Feeder cruise, and welcome more interest. We currently are organizing some planning activities, and planning resources, including a Panel Discussion Luncheon scheduled for the CCA Fall meeting in Annapolis on October 17th, and a preliminary Zoom Webinar later this Spring. The focus will be on seamanship, process, and procedures for preparing your vessel for a 15–20-day transatlantic voyage.


A cruise in company of this magnitude fosters comradery, knowledge transfer, and support in the preparation and execution of this type of voyage. Strength in numbers will enhance your commitment and confidence in enjoying this once in a lifetime “Adventurous Use of The Sea”. More to follow!


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