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Bermuda Station Report

March 15, 2021



Bermuda was doing very well on containing Covid through early autumn. Active cases on our island of 65k had declined to less than 10, with most coming off incoming flights. Bermuda led much of the world in adopting travel regulations requiring pre-flight, arrival and follow up testing of all visitors. Using a strict protocol, we successfully hosted the Bermuda Gold Cup Match Racing in October with 16 international teams.


On October 16, while maintaining mask and separation protocols, we were able to hold a live luncheon attending by more than half our membership. Member candidate  Terry Pimentel was introduced. Terry was about to return to his 2019 Boreal 47 in the Canaries to join the Viking Rally to Grenada in December.


Two island events in late October turned into superspreaders. Active cases suddenly jumped to peak at 250 in December. The government re-introduced tight restaurant regulations and a curfew. The action was successful. By February, active cases were less than a dozen, with only one hospitalization.


Thanks to a supply of vaccine from the UK, we now have one-third of the population with at least their first jab. While everyone is masked up, social distancing measures are in force, and most are working from home, we are slowly resuming some normalcy. The vaccination program gave us the confidence to resume meeting in person. We held our first luncheon of 2021 on February 12. I am pleased to report that all 16 in attendance reported vaccinations and that Terry’s passage to Grenada was successful.

We are optimistic of continued improvement.  Bermuda will be home to about 200 visiting sailors in April practising for the Sail GP calendar’s first event. Plans are ongoing for the Marion Bermuda Race in June. Other international events are scheduled in the fall. The Bermuda Station has scheduled a member raft up for May 16.    


James Watlington

Bermuda Station Historian