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In a first-ever virtual Annual meeting, nearly 500 members cast all-but-unanimous votes in favor of the nominated slates of officers, directors, and nominating committee. In addition, all proposed bylaw amendments passed without debate.


  • Commodore: J.W. Robert Medland
  • Vice Commodore: Christopher L. Otorowski
  • Secretary: John R. Gowell
  • Treasurer: Peter L. Chandler
  • Historian: John P. Rousmaniere

GOVERNORS: Terms expiring in 2024:

  • Molly Barnes (BOS)
  • Rowena Carlson (SFO)
  • Hans Himmelman (BDO)


  • W. Bradford Willauer (Chair)
  • James G. Binch
  • Frederic T. Lhamon
  • Ernest Godshalk
  • Gretchen McCurdy