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Amelia and Bob Green

Amelia and Bob

For dedicating themselves to the production of the CCA’s Voyages publication for the last three years. This professional-quality publication, sometimes called the National Geographic of Yachting, requires tremendous time, talent, and dedication to produce.  Ami and Bob have continued the tradition of producing volumes that every member of the Club is pleased to read and proud to display.  


Paul J. Hamilton (pictured above)

For serving as the Club’s Fleet Captain for 12 years, advising six successive Commodores on the multiple sailing activities within the Club, helping to form policies, and representing the Commodore when dealing with suppliers.


Sheila McCurdy


Recognized for 10 years of research and writing to produce a comprehensive history of the Cruising Club of America, much of which she has witnessed since childhood. She has participated in leadership positions, including as Commodore, since her election to the Club in 1994 when women were first invited to join. Sheila brings a perspective that no other writer could express.

Sheila with Commodore Otorowski