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CCA Guides Committee Co-Chairs Doug Bruce and Wilson Fitt are excited to announce the launch of the CCA’s first DIGITAL cruising guide, the culmination of 2 years of planning and collecting information by over 30 writers, editors, and photographers – all CCA members with vast experience cruising their much-loved Maine Coast

Please click this link to see for yourself:  And please give us your assessment. We really want to hear what you think via Feedback.

If already using  your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, here’s what you’ll read:

  • The Cruising Club of America invites you to cruise the rugged coast of Maine with our well-informed members as your guides.
  • Most cruising guides list hundreds of places to visit. We simplify your planning by highlighting only the best harbors and anchorages.
  • Dozens of CCA members use their wide-ranging experiences to curate these lists. Facts are updated continuously throughout the year using local knowledge to keep this your most up-to-date resource.

The CCA guide selects the best “Harbors” as places with good marine and other services needed to support a lengthy cruise, and the best “Anchorages” are more isolated places known for their scenic beauty and sense of solitude.

Remarkably the editors have created essential information on 65 locations starting at Isle of Shoals on the New Hampshire border all the way to Eastport on the Canadian border. Additionally, ten informational articles describe important subjects one needs to understand to cruise Maine – ranging from an introduction, plus safety advice, cold water immersion, fog, lobster buoys, VHF radio vs. cellphones, moorings, anchoring, environmental issues, to leaving a clean and generous wake. All are wonderful pieces individually and collectively, a great font of wisdom. All the above is wrapped in an envelope of gorgeous photography.

Please recommend our online guide to your cruising friends - if you like what you see.

Several club members deserve to be thanked and recognized for their many thoughtful contributions ‒ see the list below. We also want to acknowledge the superb design and internet expertise of Kate Wilson Somers, who many Newport area members will know for her work on the Bermuda Race website.

CCA Maine Guide Contributors


Jane Babbitt (Lead Editor)

Bill Strassberg

Bill Wohlforth

Bob Rubadeau

Brad Willauer

Bruce MacNeil

Brian Guck

Cabot Lyman

Charles Willauer

Dan Coit

David Pratt

Ernie Godshalk

Frank Simon

Galen Todd

Jack Griswold

Jessie Deupree

John Chandler

Maggie Salter

Mark Gabrielson

Mark Myers

Max Fletcher

Milt Baker

Nat Warren-White

Nick Orem

Roger Block

Sandy Andrews

Scott Miller

Stafford Keegin

Tom Babbitt

William Barton

Zdenka Griswold