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Nominating Committee Report 
The Nominating Committee submits the following nominations to be acted upon at the Annual Meeting to be held on March 5, 2022.
Commodore:                          Christopher L. Otorowski
Vice Commodore:                  John R. Gowell
Secretary:                               Molly P. Barnes
Treasurer:                               Kathleen M. O’Donnell
Historian:                                Douglas D. Adkins
Terms expiring in 2025:           Amanda Balasubramanian (GLS)
                                                Dennis Durgan (SOC)
                                                Chris Terajewicz (FLA)
                                                Jonathan Wright (CHE)
Respectfully submitted:
CCA Nominating Committee
W. Bradford Willauer, Chair
James G. Binch
Ernest L. Godshalk
Frederic T. Lhamon
Gretchen McCurdy