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Covid Policy for CCA 100th

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Many members have inquired about what Covid precautions are being taken in Newport for the Centennial. We wish to give you the best information that we currently have, and also the recommendation of our own Covid Task Force.


It is the opinion of the CCA Covid Task Force that masking be required at indoor meetings.  Accordingly, masking will be required at the Centennial for indoor meetings in addition to proof of vaccination.


At the present, the CDC characterizes Newport County as having a “Low community level of infection” which is encouraging but does not prevent infection. The low level is partially the result of under-reporting due to home testing. Further, our Centennial Celebration may pose higher risk as attendees will be from across the country and foreign countries.


Notwithstanding the “Low” infection level in Newport, the recent experience at the CCA Cruise in Newfoundland resulted in about a 20% rate of infection. Masks were generally not worn and most events took place outdoors or under a tent.  10 attendees out of 50 became infected with varying degrees of symptomology. The fact is that infection is random and hard to trace. The best protection when around others is wearing a mask.


Several committee chairs holding meetings on Monday and Tuesday of the Centennial have already stated that participants at their meetings must wear masks.


The CCA Covid Task Force has agreed on the following statement and guidelines for the Centennial Celebration in Newport.


“The extremely infectious BA.5 sub variant of Omicron has impacted CCA members at a number of prior events. Omicron spread was noted at events surrounding the June, 2022 Newport Bermuda Race, and among participants of the July/August, 2022 Newfoundland cruise. 


Masking is a major deterrent to the spread of Covid-19.


Wearing a mask is all about protecting fellow CCA members and our honored guests, especially those at higher risk. When wearing a high quality KN95 mask, you are minimizing the chance that you "accidentally" transmit the virus you may be carrying to others. Similarly, when wearing a high quality KN95 mask, you are minimizing the chances that you will become infected by persons close to you.


The CCA is all about the people and endorses a culture of safety. The CCA Covid Task Force recommends and specifically requests that masking be required at all inside meetings.


              Your Centennial Committee is taking the following steps to minimize the risk of infection:


1.        CCA policy as adopted by the Governing Board requires proof of vaccination to attend CCA events.  This applies to the Centennial. As a convenience to attendees and Centennial organizers, all attendees are encouraged to be sure that their up to date vaccination card has been uploaded to the CCA website:  


2.       In the alternative, you may bring your vaccination cards that show vaccinations and boosters to the Centennial registration desk to receive a “CCA Vaccinated” wristband.


 A supply of “CCA Vaccinated” wristbands has been provided to all Station Rear Commodores and Post Captains. If you have been issued a blue “CCA Vaccinated” wristband by your Station R/C or Post Captain, please wear it to the Centennial Events.  If not, you will be given a wristband at registration once your vaccination status is confirmed that will allow entry into all events.


3.       The Committee will be providing hand sanitizers and KN/95 masks to each registrant at the Centennial.


4.       Weather permitting, refreshments on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday cocktail events will be outside.  The gala dinner on Thursday will be outside under a large tent.


5.       For the Wednesday events in the Jane Pickens Theater, there will be enough seating to allow social distancing but mask wearing is still required.


6.       Masks are required at the indoor meetings and seminars on Monday-Thursday.


7.       At the lunches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, mask wearing is recommended when not eating or drinking.


          Please do not come the Centennial if you have Covid or any symptoms that are suspect. If you have had Covid within 10 days of the event do not attend until you test negative.


We realize that many of us do not want to “mask up”, however most of us are in the high risk group (over 65) and should do what we can to make sure we do not get infected or unknowingly infect someone else.  Please consider this akin to wearing a tether on your boat!  We do not want the Centennial to be a super spreader event and have anyone’s Fall plans impacted by becoming infected. In fact we are hopeful that through these measures, no one gets a Covid infection from anyone at our events.


Thank you for complying with the above and we look forward to a fun, educational and safe Centennial Celebration.


Chris and Shawn Otorowski

Chairs, Centennial Celebration

Covid Policy