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Sources of Weather Information for Safer Sailing

Knowing what weather is coming is as important to sailors as how to raise a sail, steer the boat, or how to tack.

  • Choosing the right weather to sail in can make the difference between a pleasant, safe voyage or race, or an uncomfortable, dangerous situation.
  • The most important decisions for a successful voyage or race may be prior to your departure time.
  • Spend a lot of time on the internet learning which weather sites have what you need.
    • Know the weather forecast well ahead of time.
    • Know what weather products or services you will use at sea.
    • The ultimate responsibility for weather forecasts and routing rests with the skipper and his or her properly trained crew.
    • Know how you are going to get weather on the boat and practice using it onboard.
    • If bad weather is forecast, postpone your departure. 
    • Even if it is a race, it is the responsibility of the skipper to make the decision not to start the race if weather conditions are a danger to the crew and boat.

Weather Information Sources

Almost all U.S. marine weather comes from NOAA/NWS.

This is a CCA Safety Moment

John Jourdane - SOC Station – October 2016