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Rethinking Re-chargeable Lithium Powered Equipment on Board

With the recent indictment of the Captain o

​​​​​​​Fire in the Boat – Lithium Batteries - Prevention: an Update
Lithium batteries are a fact of life in this day and age, and, like so many other things aboard, we must treat them with care. When I wrote the CCA article on Fire in the Boat – Prevention, I gently danced around the issue of fires in smaller Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Metal batteries. There I talked about the issues of charging them (don’t let that happen in a bunk or under a sail), and the high heat they generate when shorted.
Rescue of a Sinking Crew done Perfectly 

CCA Member John Jourdane sailed the 2008 Hobart Race on the Spencer 65, Ragtime.   He witnessed a successful resc

Water in the Boat – Prevention 

You have been reaching along fast and you step below after a great watch on deck, and splash, your foot goes up to th

Flooding and Damage Control Kit

A well-equipped, centrally located damage control kit together with a damage control plan are important to a


A fire aboard a vessel is very scary.  With an uncontrolled blaze,