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That Sinking Feeling: Little Slips (could) Sink Ships
About 30 minutes later we were startled to see about 6 inches of water all along the low side from the galley forward along the settee berth and the floorboards were beginning to float. We removed them, turned on two electric pumps, and began bailing with two buckets, which allowed two of us to just keep even with the water, while two others shut all thru hulls and the two remaining crew continued racing.
Fire Safety Rules SIMPLIFIED!
Remarkably, the list of required safety gear for a 35’ sail or power boat is remarkably short. Life jackets and throwable flotation, navigation lights, visual distress signals, a sound making device, and a couple of fire extinguishers is pretty much all you’re required to have
Fire Suppression Systems: Know how your systems work
My technician, Chris, found that the entire manual pull system on the FireBoy system in the engine room was inoperable with zip ties and a locking pin preventing the system from working. No matter how hard I might have tried to trigger the system, I would not have been able to. In addition, he found that the manual pull handle pulled right out of the bulkhead when you went to use it. After taking the refrigerator out so as to be able to reach the back of the pull, he was able to tighten the backing nut and restore it to functionality.
Rethinking Re-chargeable Lithium Powered Equipment on Board

With the recent indictment of the Captain o

​​​​​​​Fire in the Boat – Lithium Batteries - Prevention: an Update
Lithium batteries are a fact of life in this day and age, and, like so many other things aboard, we must treat them with care. When I wrote the CCA article on Fire in the Boat – Prevention, I gently danced around the issue of fires in smaller Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Metal batteries. There I talked about the issues of charging them (don’t let that happen in a bunk or under a sail), and the high heat they generate when shorted.
Rescue of a Sinking Crew done Perfectly 

CCA Member John Jourdane sailed the 2008 Hobart Race on the Spencer 65, Ragtime.   He witnessed a successful resc

Water in the Boat – Prevention 

You have been reaching along fast and you step below after a great watch on deck, and splash, your foot goes up to th

Flooding and Damage Control Kit

A well-equipped, centrally located damage control kit together with a damage control plan are important to a