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Commodore's Awards are presented from time to time by the Commodore for special service to the Club.

W. Frank Bohlen – For his many years of teaching meteorological principles and weather
strategies to the sailing public and CCA members. His leadership, expertise, and ability to
simplify the complex in front of world class sailors during public seminars, Newport-Bermuda
Race briefings, and countless Safety at Sea demonstrations has reflected brightly upon the CCA.

Jean D. Myer for her ten years as Editor of the Year Book, principal among the Club's publications. For most of the year, she served as a committee of one keeping current on literally hundreds upon hundreds of changes. New members, members who crossed the bar, changes to the fleet, fleet photos, yearly awards, committee and Station changes, and Newport-Bermuda Race results. The Club is indebted to her for her volunteer work that has so greatly benefited the members.