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by Jeffrey Wisch, MD, |
Subject: Medical, Medical
CCA Fleet Surgeon Memorandum for Offshore Passages Jeffrey S. Wisch, M.D.*
by Multiple CCA members, |
Subject: Culture of Safety
In March of 2018, three of our members presented a panel in seamanship to a full house in New York Yacht Club's renowned Model Room. Presenting were:
by Mark Lenci, |
Subject: Emergencies
Former Navy Captain Mark Lenci suggests how the principles of handling emergencies on large ship can be applied to smaller private yachts – yachts capable of being cruised comfortably by two people. The principles can be easily extended to crews of…
by Douglas Adkins, |
Subject: Narratives
‘Lore from the Lazarette,  …. a Look Back’  
by Mark Roye, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Preparation of Boat and Crew, Safety Gear, Boat, Safety Gear, Personal, Good Practices Underway
With tens of thousands of miles sailed (and working) in the cold-water latitudes, CCA Member Mark Roye has learned a thing or two about staying safe and surviving where the water is cold, sometimes almost freezing. From maintaining safety-oriented…
by Multiple CCA members, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Overboard
It's 2021. When someone goes overboard, you want the benefit of the latest experience and thinking. Our panel discusses MOB techniques including recovery under spinnaker and the new "mid-line" hoist. Led by Cruising Club of America, the New York…
Subject: Damage and Repair
Things happen on boats. Many times, repairs underway are necessary if you want to complete your voyage safely and swiftly. This video presentation addresses many related issues.
by Steve Brown, |
Subject: Heavy Weather
The Jordan Series Drogue, a string of relatively small fabric cones (100 or so), provides an adjustable tool to slow a boat. It's an invaluable tool for managing heavy weather on a sailboat. Steve Brown conducted a survey of highly acclaimed…
by John Robinson, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Overboard
The CCA Safety & Seamanship Committee says the time for lifejackets is now and makes the case for their use as a key element of its Culture of Safety Recommendations.
by William Strassberg, MD, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Seamanship and Awareness
Executive Summary William Strassberg, MD January, 2021
Subject: Environment
The movie “Albatross” shows the impact of plastics on the albatrosses of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. The movie was made between 2009 and 2012. Midway Atoll NWR is located more than a thousand miles northwest of Honolulu and shelters the…
by Charles L Starke MD , |
Subject: Electronics, Communications
Not just for safety anymore, DSC can be used to contact another boat for purely non-emergency reasons, such as find other boats positions and automatically plot them on your chart-plotter Not only that, you can set your radio to be part of a “group…
Subject: Safety Gear, Personal, Overboard
The CCA recommends that, at the skipper’s discretion, all crew should WEAR A LIFE JACKET when on deck of a recreational boat. There are various types of life jackets with advantages and disadvantages, and that are appropriate for different…
by Rich du Moulin, |
Subject: Seamanship and Awareness
CCA member Richard du Moulin contributes to our “Creating a Culture of Safety” series, reflecting on the essence of great leadership at sea in this article adapted from his work as a long-time leader of safety-at-sea seminars for the Storm…
by Multiple CCA members, |
Subject: Weather
Weather is a chaotic, turbulent, system. It's of critical interest to ocean voyagers, of course, and our understanding of it has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks, in part, to dramatic advances in measurement, analysis, and communications…
by CCA S&S Committee, |
Subject: Culture of Safety, Seamanship and Awareness
by US Sailing, |
Subject: Safety Gear, Boat
Following the Low Speed Chase disaster, a general overhaul of local, and ultimately national offshore equipment requirements took place.  The result is a comparatively compact document that covers a wide range of safety gear.
by Brad Willauer, |
Subject: Onboard Routines
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